Friday, November 25 2022


There are plenty of fish in the sea – unless you’re a man, apparently.

In a TikTok now viral rom-com user Jeremy Cryer claims it’s much harder for men to find a match on dating apps than women, after finding out his colleague was in a relationship with 39 men just two days later. having joined Hinge.

“There is no hope for men”, Cryer declare in two parts tale.

“Do you realize that for guys we have to wait weeks for likes, let alone for someone we’re interested in to send us a ‘like’… [or] when we send them a “like”, so that they accept it? he said incredulously to his colleague.

“We’re, like, shooting a basketball in the dark,” he continues. “Blindfolded, upside down, and hoping it lands in a goal almost smaller than the actual ball.”

Jeremy Cryer couldn’t believe how many matches his colleague had had after two days.

Some people agreed with his review of the swipe-based app, saying they had experienced the same thing.

“I sat down with my friend and we did a 5 minute sweep where we had to sweep everyone up,” one woman wrote, agreeing with Cryer. “I had 55 games, he had 2. It’s so difficult for the guys.”

However, many women responded to remind Cryer that while the quantity of matches and responses is there, it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality.

“Of those 39, only 2 are good,” one user commented.

In an update, Cryer said her colleague had narrowed her matches down to 17 men and was talking to a few of them “off site.”

Some TikTok viewers couldn’t believe she found many people deserved a throwback.

“Most girls get hundreds of likes but I can’t believe she liked 39 back,” one commenter joked. “It can’t be me.”

“How many actually engage?” asked another. “I get a lot of those too but they never engage or go away.”

Others have said that location also plays a role in how many matches you get.

“I’m a solid 2 and getting an insane amount of likes… it’s definitely location and quality over quantity,” one user wrote.

In 2021, found that women slip more than men overall, but are much more selective when they do. They found the average user receives about three matches per day while the median male user receives about one match and receives about seven messages per day while typically only sending five.

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