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Marc Feehily

Markus Feehily has become quite popular thanks to his talents in the group Westlife. Moreover, due to his abilities, his personal life has always been in the spotlight. Fans of the Westlife singer are desperate to find out more about his girlfriend. Mark Feehily and his partner have become a candid topic since he usually tends to keep his personal life under wraps. And guess what? Every time he shares details through his social media handles, fans will dig deeper to find out everything within reach. Moreover, the Irish singer has made a distinctive identity for himself in the music industry. And this has been going on since 1999.

But even though he never talked much about his private life, he often showed his respect and love towards his family members. The main reason for his popularity was the popular British show The Masked Singer. Well, he rocked the stage with his haunting voice, and he secretly performed the songs as Robobunny and only revealed his original identity at the end. Moreover, along with two other participants, Markus also reached the grand finale of this show. And ever since, people have been yearning to know more about the Westlife singer’s career and love life. And this article will tell you all about Mark Feehily and his girlfriend.

Mark Feehily’s success with Westlife

The Westlife Band was formed in 1998. Since then, the four members of this band have been doing their best to become popular. And of course ! Their efforts have earned them massive fame and recognition. As for Mark, he made a name for himself thanks to his talents as a singer. And this was easily possible thanks to the presence of Mark as the lead singer of the group. Additionally, they have released about eleven albums together. Which included songs like Turnaround and World Of Our Own, and these songs were also included in their popular songs list.

Mark Westlife Partner
Boyband Westlife

Even though the group disbanded in 2012, that didn’t stop them from performing again in 2018. In fact, Markus landed in the spotlight thanks to his recent revelations about his presence in the team. It looks like he must have kept a huge secret about his appearance on The Masked Singer show. And it was necessary to take that away from his fans. Otherwise, things would have become even more complicated. Even after that, his Robobunny identity made everyone skeptical. Because deep down, many of his fans knew it was Markus. As of now, Markus is busy creating new songs with his band.

Amid all of this, Markus also chose to focus on his solo career. Since the group’s disbandment in 2012, he has focused all of his focus on his career, and that lasted until his return with Westlife. But success was still at his doorstep, the moment he launched his first song, fans were overjoyed. Love is a drug became quite a popular track, and since then he has released several songs like River and Butterfly. Even after getting carried away with his career, Mark still managed to get time for his partner.

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Who is Mark Feehily’s partner?

Well, Mark has never hidden his identity and his fans have always loved him for his bold and confident personality. In 2005, Markus confidently revealed his sexual orientation, and guess what? He is proud to be a famous LGBTQ+ personality. But this trip was not as easy as he expected. Ever since he was the lead singer of Westlife, he has always tried to keep his personal life away from his bandmates. Soon things took a different turn for him. On February 22, 2019, Markus announced his engagement through his Instagram account. Additionally, in the caption, he shared his contentment towards his current life.

Mark Feehily is engaged to Cailean
From the Instagram handle of Markus Feehily

Markus is engaged to Cailean O’Neill. Well, he never hid anything about his relationship but also maintained his partner’s intimacy. It seems that Mark and Cailean have been together for over four years. Additionally, fans became even more thrilled to learn of the arrival of their baby girl through surrogacy. Layla, Markus and Cailean’s daughter, was born on October 1, 2019. And after two days of being born, Markus shared this news on his Instagram account. Additionally, Markus shared all of his life experiences as a father. And her happiness is easily predictable thanks to her social media posts. From now on, Mark and his partner Cailean are enjoying their dad’s life.

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