Saturday, July 2 2022

The United States has hinted at retaliation against China if it avoids following sanctions imposed on Russia after its attack on Ukraine late last month. Beijing, meanwhile, has always argued that economic restrictions only exacerbate conflict.

At Monday’s press conference, the White House spokesman Jen Psaki was asked if the sanctions would push Moscow to deepen its ties with Beijing.

“They cannot offset the impact of these sanctions from China. It’s just not possible,” said PSAKI. “Now we have also seen China comply with the sanctions that have been put in place.”

Meanwhile, PSAKI noted that Beijing abstained when the UN General Assembly voted to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine last week.

“If they don’t comply with the sanctions, we still have – you know, we clearly have the wherewithal to take action, but that’s what we’ve seen to date,” the House spokesperson said. White.

China has supported a diplomatic solution to the conflict and has always spoken out against economic restrictions. “We are deeply concerned about the ever-increasing unilateral sanctions, which are not a fundamental and effective way to solve the problem,” said Zhang Jun, China’s envoy to the UN, on Monday. “They will have serious humanitarian consequences and fallout that will harm other countries.”

Speaking to reporters on the same day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Moscow “the most important strategic partner” of his country. The friendship between the two is “ironclad”, he said.

Many countries, including the US, UK and EU member states, have imposed sweeping sanctions on Russia in response to its military campaign launched against Ukraine on February 24. Russia has insisted that it defends the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, which broke away from Ukraine. shortly after the 2014 coup in Kyiv. Russia has also said it wants Ukraine to become a neutral country that will never join NATO.

Kyiv said the attack was completely unjustified and denied claims that it planned to take over the breakaway republics by force.

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