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Grab an ice cream and enjoy reading July’s Volunteer Roundup.

Vision for Volunteering – phase two

The Volunteering Vision was launched in May at an in-person event and one online event where we explored the five themes of the Vision. We continue to encourage organizations to learn about long term plan for volunteering and encourage you to make a commitment or two. Plans for phase two are underway and this will focus on movement building. The Vision is where we can all come together to put volunteers first and refocus volunteering on the other side England, so by 2032 we are doing better than ever with volunteers at the heart of our efforts.

New Time well spent report: Iimpact of covid on the volunteer experience

We published a new report in the Time Well Spent series which examines the impact of the pandemic on the experience of volunteering, exploring broader changes in volunteer functioning, recruitment and motivation, while looking closely at the emotional impact of volunteering during the pandemic. For a summary of the results, read this Blog by Rei Kanemura, NCVO Research and Knowledge Manager.

Spirit of 2012: Report on inclusive volunteering and people with disabilities

Spirit of 2012 have ordered a report at help organizations better understand the background and needs of people with disabilities, how to open positive volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities and in doing so address harmful stereotypes and disparities. This report is based on research that covers the motivations and experiences of volunteers with disabilities, compares volunteering rates to people without disabilities, and identifies the specific barriers people with disabilities face. There is a dedicated section on how covid has affected volunteers with disabilities.

Join a Free Action Learning Set!

We would love to hear from those of you who are currently supporting or looking to support volunteers aged 50+. We offer free places on an action learning package that will meet on line of early September, for at least three months. We are particularly interested in hearing from frontline delivery organizations with an income of less than £1m. We are also keen to hear from volunteer leaders who lack opportunities for their own learning and development. This work is supported by the Center for Aging Better. Rread how be an active learner in this Blog. We have extended the closing date to August 10 and look forward to hearing from you.

Nominations for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is awarded to groups of British volunteers and is equivalent to receiving a Master of the British Empire (MBE). This year244 bands received the award. The appointments arenow open for 2023. The deadline is September 15.

Invest in Volunteers efficient

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management. We congratulate the new winner of the IiV England Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

The Investing in Volunteers team will be working throughout the summer to assess and reward more organizations. If you take a break, they encourage you to consider investing in volunteers as a new challenge when you return. To begin your Investing in Volunteers journey, click here.

NCVO online training

Protecting Essentials in Charities

The next date of ouronline course on the essentials of protection in charitiesis 9 September10.00–15.00.

Best Volunteer Management Practices

Our popularonline course on good volunteer management practicestakes place over two half-days from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You must attend both days as they are two parts of one course. It’s so popular that we’re having two classes in October!

first lesson in october

  • Session 1: Tuesday 11
  • Session 2: Thursday 13

Second class in October

  • Session 1: Tuesday 25
  • Session 2: Wednesday 26

Volunteers and the law

We refreshed ouronline training course on volunteers and the lawto address issues related to the pandemic. We offer this half day course 10.00-13.00 September 7 and October 5.

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