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Streaming star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter says she’s always a bit “worried” when using dating apps in case fans try to track her down.

While being a streamer can have huge upsides, one of the downsides of being in the public eye is dealing with a love life or relationship.

As a result, many streamers have vowed never to publicly disclose such information, including Twitch star Pokimane. YouTuber Ludwig also called on his “weird” viewers to stop obsessing over streamers and their relationships.

However, Valkyrae gave fans a rare glimpse into her love life. Yet she also admitted that she was hesitant to talk about it on her live streams due to the backlash it might cause among her fan base.

Twitter: Valkyrae

Valkyrae has already fired back at her fans who tried to “ship” her with her fellow streamers.

Valkyrae ‘worried’ about talking about dating apps with fans

Valkyrae opened up about her experiences using dating apps with fans on May 30, when she explained why she was hesitant to bring up the subject on the broadcast.

“I was hesitant to talk about my dating app experiences,” Valkyrae said. “Because now I’m afraid people are literally using dating apps to try to find me.”

However, she reconsidered the question because her fans don’t know “which dating app” she’s on. She denied it was Grindr, but joked that “it could be”.

Although she found the dating apps “crazy”, Valkyrae claimed that it gave her the opportunity to meet new people.

Still, she revealed her “biggest fear” was being recognized by her date for being a streamer before she got to know them.

Valkyrae also shared how she’s had success with dating, as she once enjoyed a “super cute” reunion with someone she met through the app. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in the end because she “was too busy.”

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