Friday, November 25 2022


After a lull in conversation, Valkyrae has fun suggested for the group to discuss something that would make a good clickbait title. “You wanna talk about boyfriends? You wanna talk about dating apps? I can talk about dating apps,” Valkyrae offered. However, when Peter Park asked her about her love life, she giggled. Park was quick to ask how his experience with dating apps has been gone lately, and Valkyrae seemed to feel more comfortable talking about her time with dating apps, and she willingly offered that she uninstalled them all from her phone.

“I get too paranoid about being recognized and that’s why they try to talk to me”, Valkyrae Explain. She said that although she managed to date someone she met on an app, she worries that people will recognize her and try to take advantage of her fame. When Kyedae asked about the possibility of Valkyrae finding love on a verified version of Tinder, Rae admitted that she still felt concerned about that dating pool as well. She said that even if people on the app were properly vetted, they could still see her for her work and not her personality. Instead of meeting someone on an app, Valkyrae has a completely different way of finding love.

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