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A significant difference between a professional player and a novice is access to quality and up-to-date information. Apart from keeping you up to date with current happenings in the gambling world, you will also learn about online casinos, free online slots, free spins no depositcasino games, bonuses, etc. In other words, you can improve your knowledge when you follow and read some of the best gambling blogs.

It will interest you to know that several gambling enthusiasts have created blogs to provide sports fans and casino players with the information they need to excel. There are many gaming blogs around this one; we have selected some exceptional ones.

The sports geek

The Sports Geek is an outstanding gaming blog with exciting content. The website may seem old-fashioned or plain to some people, but it has great content. As you scroll through the site, you will see graphs showing the sporting events with the most bets. Additionally, blogs feature sports that you can bet on. The blog offers actionable and specific resources because they do not depend on unreliable information.

As the website claims, all the details provided are backed up with data that will increase your chances of success. Also, they employ experienced people for each subject. In other words, they ensure that trained experts deal with questions relating to:

  • online casinos
  • basketball
  • football etc.

Ask the players

Ask Gambler is another top gambling blog known for producing transparent content. The website is user-friendly which means that users can easily navigate through it to access different descriptions and information. From 2016 to 2019, the website received the award for Best Featured Casino Website in the iGaming sector.

Additionally, the website has grown in popularity, especially for its role as a stand-alone casino dispute mediator. Ask Gambler intervened in casino claims worth $30 million. The website offers verifiable resources that will help players identify and avoid any fraudulent sites.

They have developed a unique system known as the Casino Ranking. This algorithm uses player reviews and the number of customer complaints to identify shady and trustworthy gambling sites.

Betandbeat is an informational platform that offers technical gambling content. The website provides quality information on:

  • eSports
  • casino games
  • crypto game
  • sports betting

Moreover, they also offer several information about games like blackjack, horse racing, poker, online slots, horse racing, etc.

The website has a modern yet simple interface, and it is easy to navigate. Moreover, the layout has a minimalist design compared to other blogs. Moreover, you will not be disturbed by occasional pop-up ads, which will allow you to browse the site without being disturbed.

Content creators take pride in their existing content; they don’t publish just for information; they create content to help and enrich the knowledge of their readers. Their love for sports allows them to turn data into easy-to-read content and guides. Additionally, the website uses compelling illustrations to represent their game guides. They also break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand infographics.

Gambling websites

If you’re looking for a top-notch gambling blog that offers the latest content, consider GamblingSites. The website is user friendly and the content is easy to read as it does not have excessive advertisements. Compared to bet and beat, the site seems simpler. GamblingSites provides players with high quality information. The homepage presents the list of blacklisted gambling sites, allowing players to avoid the platforms.

The website features experienced authors with several years of experience in online games; they deliver up-to-date projects and ideas. Other than that, they regularly analyze and update their ranked betting sites. They usually inform users that they only rank sites with high standards and a good reputation. This blog is ideal for gamers looking for sites with regularly updated information or details.


OLBG is a popular site in the UK; it is well known for its sponsorship of horse racing. The platform offers an extensive sports betting forum. Apart from being a betting site, it provides players with community-created content. The forum has helped players immensely by sharing their best ideas and tips.

Currently, the number of sports bettors in the online community exceeds 500,000 and they have won around 66,000 prizes. The website offers valuable tips for around 20 sports. Apart from that, they also prefer to promote their Cheltenham horse racing tips. The site also includes online betting site discussions, reliable user reviews, and more. OLBG offers 80 regulated sportsbooks to ensure that it shares useful and reliable information.

betting blogger

Betting Bloggers is a trustworthy and trustworthy gambling blog that you should follow. Several blogs provide players with odds and tell them which one to select. This is not good practice as players need to know why they need to choose a particular rating to apply the knowledge at another time. Betting blogs stand out in this regard. The site offers a full article for every major game. For example, the website will provide you with the details of the opposing teams in a football game. It will also provide you with information on their consistency, skills, and other useful information you need to know about the participating teams.

You will see some recommended gambling sites at the end of each article. Placing it at the end lets you know how they arrive at their top picks. The advantage of knowing the methodology is that you will bet wisely and expand your knowledge simultaneously.


One of the ways to improve your gambling skills is to seek out useful and up-to-date information. As stated earlier, having access to rich information can make a big difference when looking to improve your gambling skills and knowledge. Additionally, lack of up-to-date information has been identified as one of the significant differences between a professional player and an amateur player.

The six blogs mentioned above provide players with high quality data and information to improve their gaming decisions and judgments. These blogs have their advantages; in addition to providing you with useful information, some provide you with excellent betting strategies while others tell you where to place your bets.

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