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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best centers to ever play in the league. In his prime, he was an unstoppable force on both ends of the pitch and his opponents struggled to deal with him. During his time in the league, Shaq won 4 NBA titles with 2 different teams.

He won 3 Finals MVP awards and 1 NBA MVP award, among other individual accolades. On and off the court, O’Neal has a larger than life personality.


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He could do almost anything. Shaq has made music and can rap. He’s a DJ, he’s an actor, a comedian, an analyst, a basketball coach, an entrepreneur, etc. Because of this, he still has a huge media and fan following even after his retirement.


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In the latest episode of the “Big Podcast with Shaq”, the team was joined by psychotherapist Liz Beecroft. During the show, Beecroft spoke about various topics related to mental health. Especially the mental health of professional athletes. And at the end of the podcast, Nischelle Turner asked the expert about the difficulties athletes have in their relationships.

Shaquille O’Neal gives expert relationship advice

Speaking about athletes’ relationship struggles, Beecroft said it’s one of the biggest challenges for any athlete. And said it’s a huge challenge to put relationship issues aside when the athlete enters the field. Then, former NFL veteran Spice Adams informed the team that Liz Beecroft was getting married. And the crew congratulated her.


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Then the Lakers legend started asking questions that had everyone cracking up. He asked if his boyfriend was hot and sexy and asked about his pickup line. So she revealed that they had met on the dating app Tinder. Shaq said, “Forget Tinder and all the dating sites that don’t believe I am who I am.”

Nischelle clarified that Tinder doesn’t believe it was actually Shaq himself who signed up. And Adams joked that Shaq had had bad experiences on Tinder. Then Shaquille O’Neal asked if the expert needed marriage counseling and she agreed. He said, “Not every argument needs to be had.” And Beecroft seemed impressed and at a loss for words.


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Shaq then said, “I’ve had a lot of failed marriages, so I can definitely give you some expert advice.” And Nischelle had to remind him that he only married once. Then, Shaq also hilariously gave some spicy relationship advice.

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