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Ahead of his highly anticipated return to Liverpool on the 24thth of April (his show was postponed for two years due to the pandemic), Craig David sits down with us and talks about it all, Hold That Thought…

Steph: Let’s cut to the chase, you’re coming to Liverpool on the 24thth of April, what can we expect from the show?

Craig: I’ve had the last two years to really think about what the fans want to hear and to really polish and refine the setlist. There will be hits from the early days as well as DJ sets and a live band as well as new music like the song I released with MNEK last year and some stuff from the upcoming album

Steph: Obviously the show was delayed due to the pandemic, what have you been up to for the past two years?

Craig: Well, for the first time in a long time, all of a sudden it all stopped. Suddenly there were no deadlines to meet, no rush and I could just spend time with my family doing the things I love, but it also allowed me to take a step back and really work. on my music the same way I did when I released Born To Do it. There was no pressure. The pandemic has been really difficult in many ways, but at the same time I think it’s got people thinking about their work-life balance and thinking “What are we doing at 100 mph all the time and not really going any further than if we we were just taking a step back and relaxing”

Stephen: Do you think the space and freedom gave you more time to be creative?

Craig: Yeah, like I say, when there’s no pressure, it gives you time to really focus on what you love.

Steph: You released your new song “Who you are” with MNEK last year, what can we expect from the next album 22?

Craig: You know, that’s something I’m really proud of. With all the time I’ve had over the past two years I’ve managed to write over 100 songs and then those have been cut down and whittled down to an album that’s absolutely not filled out and I think that fans new and old will really love it.

Craig David

Steph: Well I can’t wait to hear it, I absolutely loved Born To Do It. So we’re going to do something a little different now, I put a box on Instagram and asked people “If you could ask Craig David anything, what would you ask him?” so I’m going to ask you two or three things if that’s ok?

Craig: Sure, keep going.

It’s worth noting at this point that Craig has no idea what he’s getting into. 🤣

Steph: You’ve been known to say “Craig David” on your songs… do you feel like DJ Khaled and Jason Derulo are ripping you off?

Craig: You know, it was really something to do at the time and it’s very popular among DJs and producers like for example DJ Khaled. You may hear new music like when Rewind etc came out and no one had ever heard of me no one would recognize my voice but they learn my name and then they know exactly who I am until it gets to a point where you don’t need to do it anymore. I don’t really do that anymore!

Steph: Ha! Ok, so what happened to the girl after you chilled with her on Sunday?

Craig: *Laughs* We continued to relax, and we had a great time and a great relationship together.

Steph: Agreed! So someone else said ‘Can I have a rewind? Like about 3 years, so on that note, is there anything you wish you could take back, like regrets?

Craig: No, I really think mistakes and bad times teach us things and get us where we need to be and without them we wouldn’t be where we are, so I don’t think I have any regrets!

Steph: Exactly, like once upon a time I was watching you on Top of The Pops and now I’m here chatting with you, and everything good and bad in life has led to this, it’s so weird!

Craig: Yeah that’s exactly how I felt when I was on TOTP like wow that’s crazy! Also, on TV it looks huge, but in the studio it’s actually tiny!

Steph: Alright Craig, thank you so much for talking to me today and I look forward to seeing you when you visit in April! Have a boss day!

Craig: Yeh deffo I’ll see you when I’m up and we can vibrate together!

*Steph, 14, dances happily*

For tickets to see Craig David on his Hold That Thought Tour at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena on April 24, visit the website here.

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