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Barack Obama shows off his Gen Z repertoire in a new public service announcement aimed at young voters.

The former US president appears in an ATTN: video calling on people who have turned 18 to come out and vote with a script that contains buzzing pop culture moments to grab their attention. Euphoria season 3, Rihanna’s new album (or lack thereof), and yes, even Pete Davidson’s love life is referenced in the spot shared ahead of the November 8 midterm elections of this year.

“For those of you who just turned 18 and were only three or four years old when I was elected, my name is Barack Obama. I was the 44th President of the United States and I ‘have the best jump shot in the history of the White House”, he begins the spot. “I’ve heard a lot lately that voting doesn’t solve everything, and I understand why you might think it won’t. External banks Where Euphoria season three or Rihanna’s new album drops faster.”

Obama continues, “That won’t make sending GIFs any less cool. Wait ? GIFs not cool anymore? Pete Davidson’s love life?” However, he says, voting will allow you “to make your voice heard on the big issues and it reinforces the incredible job you’ve done between elections holding your leaders accountable.”

He then highlights five issues that depend on the youth vote, including a woman’s right to choose, gun safety, immigration, climate change and education. “So do your research,” Obama says before pointing out the Swifties’ detective powers. “We know you have the skills. Who knew there were so many secrets on Taylor Swift’s new album?”

Former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder campaign with Michigan Democrats

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images Barack Obama shows off his Gen Z repertoire in new public service announcement aimed at young voters

“I know a lot of you care about these issues more than this kid loves corn,” he continued, referring to TikTok’s viral Tariq the Corn Kid. “Make sure you’re registered to vote.”

“President Obama knows the importance of high voter turnout and strong civic engagement, and has championed the right to vote and the urgent need for all Americans to participate in our democracy for life,” Andrea said. Hailey, CEO of, on the PSA. in a report. “In this critical midterm election, it’s more important than ever that voters stay engaged and make a plan to register and vote on or before November 8. We encourage voters across the country to follow the example of President Obama and to speak to their friends, neighbors, colleagues and others, so that we are all ready and empowered to vote.Our democracy only works if we all pledge to take part in its care.

Watch Obama’s public service announcement above.

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