Wednesday, November 30 2022


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A man took to social media with an unusual complaint, saying he had recently seen many divorced women who had children on dating apps.

These women, he added, want a serious relationship and even marriage, which he seems to find problematic.

He asked, “So does that mean they want a man to help them raise the children they are bearing for someone else and take care of her for life? Is there a man who would want this kind of relationship? »

Mr. Desmond Ang posed the question on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Tuesday, October 4, which elicited more than 180 responses from netizens.

One commenter asked the man: ‘Do all those single moms deserve creeps who want ONS (one night stands) or FWB (friends with benefits)?’

Another woman wrote: ‘It makes sense for her to ask for a long term relationship who can be her child’s new stepfather and be financially stable. It’s logic. We also can’t assume that she won’t work to financially support her children.

“Everyone has the right to seek their partner for life,” another pointed out. “If you love her, accept everything she has. Even her family,” urged another.

One commenter pointed to the reality that “single parents are looking for real, long-term relationships.”

However, it didn’t go over well with another netizen.

“Not all men are so selfish as to think of them as ‘someone else’s children,'” another commenter pointed out.

One netizen wrote that women “can be very capable these days.”

Yet another wrote: “Wow. You do realize that there are also divorced men with children, don’t you? Do you think they shouldn’t be on the dating app too? » However, some netizens seemed to agree with the poster.


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