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Two blogs that seem to belong to David DePapethe man who allegedly attacked the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), show that he had a wide range of differing beliefs, many of which seem uprooted from reality.

Beliefs range from mainstream topics such as gun rights and climate change to a host of anti-Christian and anti-Semitic views.

The blogs suggest that DePape was not strictly partisan, but rather developed his own particular beliefs.

“The recent overthrow of Roe V Wade got Republicans cheering. and the democrats in arms. Both of you are wrong. your TWO [expletives]“, we read in a part of the blog which would belong to him. Quotations from blogs in this article are unedited and include all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the original text.

On October 28, the media reported that DePape was the man who allegedly hit Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer earlier today. Social media users then started posting links to the two blogs online and soon after the blogs were taken down. At that time, most blog pages had been saved to online archives.

The majority of the content was posted on just one of the blogs, with the address, but viewing almost all of the posts required a subscription, and the Internet Archive contains only the headlines, images, and sometimes short excerpts of text. It appears that the first posts were dated August 23, 2022. All were written by a user named David DePape.

The domain “” was registered on September 8 under the name DePape and with an address where he has lived for a year or two. The state listed was Alabama instead of California, but that may have been a simple mistake since Alabama is the first option in the alphabetized lists. It is possible that some of the posts have been backdated – online blogging platforms allow this. Or it could be that the blog was created earlier under a different domain. The platform he used, Wix, allows users to set up pages on the Wix domain and later move them to his own domain.

Each message was accompanied by a visually striking, often disturbing image. The images appear to be an AI-generated art form created by combining multiple images. This seems to have been of interest to the author.

“For these I used multiple humanoid prompts to pull more towards human features,” the author commented in an excerpt from an article featuring an image of a fairy.

The fairies seem to have particularly interested the author. Several messages were accompanied by such images.

Available text snippets indicate that much of the blog content was written before August.

An article titled “February 13, 2022” – but dated October 24 – reads: “Okay, about the fairy. I’m writing this a few days later. So the next day after attacking my boss. I was walking to work and…” The clip ends at this point.

It is unclear who was supposed to have attacked the author’s “boss”. DePape’s knowledge from years ago Told media outlets that he “talks angles” and has used hard drugs.

Another post dated October 24 reads: “Email to Gypsy Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 3:29 PM Hi Gypsy [Expletive] you I have no interest in being friends with you Gypsy. You think I’ve been…” The clip ends at this point.

The post may refer to Oxane Taub, better known as “Gypsy,” who was DePape’s life partner and with whom he had two children. She is currently in prison for more than a dozen crimes, including an attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old boy. This post appears to be the only one to reveal any personal information that could be linked to DePape, except for the username.

Taub Told local media that they raised their children together until about seven years ago and that DePape was “mentally ill.” He once disappeared for a year, she said, and “came back in very bad shape.”

“He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him,” Taub said. “And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, half normal.”

At the time, she says, DePape’s political views were “very much in line” with hers, meaning “very progressive.”

There are indications that the author underwent a reassessment of his political views several years ago.

“I was so [expletive] shocked the first time I heard that communism had claimed victims. All my life I have heard of the evils of fascism,” one excerpt read.

Some of the blog posts were tagged with keywords such as “Climate Hysteria”, “Corruption”, “Guns”, “Vote Fraud” and “Great Reset”.

DePape’s acquaintances years before described him as one of Castro’s nudist activists. In 2013, he celebrated a nudist wedding, which was covered by the media.

One of the more recent excerpts says, “How did I get into all of this. Gamer gate was gamer gate,” referring to the controversy surrounding gaming journalism in 2014 and 2015 accompanied by a wave of online trolling and harassment.

Other posts appear to have drawn inspiration from the often offensive language of the social media platform 4chan. Posts discussing black people, Jews and women were tagged with “Bleck”, “Da Jewbs” and “wAmEn”, mimicking intentional misspellings common on 4chan.

The author apparently harbored a particular antipathy for the Jewish people and their religion.

The author’s anti-Semitic sentiments seemed to be tied to his beliefs, particularly references to Gnosticism, which, among other things, rejects the God of Judaism as a false god. It seems that, from the author’s point of view, the followers of Judaism were de facto Satan worshippers. It also seems that this conviction predates its possible political transformation.

The other blog, hosted at, contained several posts dated June 24, 2007 and a few dozen more dated August 25-28, 2022, which appear to be a subset of the posts also posted on the Frenlyfrens.

The 2007 messages mainly deal with the meaning of love and its relationship with God. In his spiritual reflections, the author rejected the existence of hell and professed that people should live in a constant state of “euphoria”. He also claimed that the God mentioned in the Old Testament is “satan” in what appeared to be a direct reference to Gnosticism.

Two articles on the other blog were directly titled “Gnosticism”. Another read “What You Look Like To A Gnostic.” Several others read “Belief Creates Reality”, “The Primacy of Conscience”, and “The Secret Teachings”.

Besides his objections to Judaism, the author apparently also disagreed with Christians, headlining an article “Jesus is the Antichrist.”

The excerpt from the article argues that “the founding of the church and the INTERPRETATION of Jesus they choose to codify” are all false and equal to “the Antichrist”.

DePape’s attorney did not return a request for comment.


Petr Svab is a journalist covering New York. Previously, it covered national topics such as politics, economics, education and law enforcement.

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