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Don’t we all feel confused seeing a couple who met on a dating app and even ended a year together? Well, it all starts with a witty text. If you also want to up your dating game, here are some helpful tips for starting a meaningful conversation and keeping it engaging.

Try These Amazing Icebreakers For Meaningful Conversation On Dating Apps

1. Come up with a fun “Would you rather” question

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Ditch the monotony of small talk and jump into the game of “Would you rather” to get a better sense of your partner’s personality. Try stuff like, “Would you rather spend the weekend watching Netflix or go out and have fun?” or “Would you rather have all the money or all the time in the world?”

How it’s useful: This will cause a deeper level of interaction and you might be surprised that you both share a similar outlook on things.

2. Ask something specific on their profile

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Chances are a quick scroll through their profile will give you a glimpse of interests you might share that could pave the way for some quality conversation. You can always use their cool prompt or the image of the dog that dragged you, to start a little conversation. If it is a traveler or a foodie, feel free to discuss them all.

How it’s useful: This will make the other person feel heard and keep them hooked.

3. Play “This or That”

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There’s nothing better than a good introduction that often gives you a response and also lets you get to know the person better. “Chocolate with almonds or cream with biscuits? » “Vodka or wine?”, “Dogs or cats?” There will be a lot to choose from, and who knows, you might end up having a lot of similarities in common.

How it’s useful: This will help you keep your match engaged and get to know their likes and dislikes well.

4. Opt for an open-ended question

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Boring openings like “How was your week?” or “What are you doing” often lead to dead-end conversations that quickly die out. Instead, go for something deeper as a conversation starter to establish a more intentional connection with your match. This can be as broad as asking what happened in their life, what their pet peeves are, what are their favorite places to hang out in town, etc.

How it’s useful: This will indeed give you a lot of information about their work, life situation, friendships, etc.

5. Don’t lead with “sex”

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If you’re looking for a real connection, starting the conversation about sex right off the bat could backfire and convince the other person that you’re just looking for a date. Instead, ask a question about their interests, such as, “What would you like me to cook for you one day?” or “What movie would you like us to watch together?”

How it’s useful: It will make them feel more comfortable and they are more likely to stay longer.

6. Be authentic; it’s your superpower

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The pressure to become a newer, better version of ourselves on dating apps is real, especially when we equate our self-worth to the number of good swipes and matches. However, never minimize the things that make you YOU: whether it’s your witty sense of humor, your obsession with tacos, or your love of animals. Own your authentic self and stay true to it, because that’s what makes you attractive.

How it’s useful: Since your connection is based on transparency, it is likely to go far since you are not fake.

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