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Swiping right for too long can cause some to give up on the search for love.

HOUSTON — Why do dating apps leave some users exhausted and tired of looking for love?

Tinder turns 10 this month and while the dating app has produced many happy couples, more and more singles are deciding to swipe left on dating apps.

The New York Times reports a growing rise in online dating burnout. Singles Reportsa data analytics firm, found that nearly 80% of users aged 18-54 reported emotional fatigue related to online dating.

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Users also report that it’s not just burnout that bothers them. A recent Pew Research survey found that 35% of online users had received unwanted sexually explicit messages or images, while 37% had people who continued to message them even after being told they weren’t. weren’t interested.

The Times reports that there are dating strategies in the digital age. Recommendations include backing off from bulimia.

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Once you feel a connection with a handful of people, stop and explore if those connections are real instead of continuing to sweep.

Set up a virtual date to see if the person is worth pursuing in the real world. And when you feel overwhelmed, take a break from finding love and focus on other interests and hobbies.

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