Wednesday, June 22 2022

Thus, we continue to endure daily mass shootings with no end in sight and no apparent solution to the continuing violence. Canada has banned sales of new weapons. It’s the equivalent of a thumb in the dike. Our federal and state governments could ban new gun sales, obviously setting a date when they would go into effect, which would lead to the biggest gun sale in the history of the world and put even more weapons in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. The same could be said for the ammunition ban: Massive sales, black market windfall.

The next idea would be to study who the mass shooters are and try to draw the attention of law enforcement and mental health professionals to these people. There are not enough resources. While some would say the focus should be on white teenagers, how can one ignore the multiple murders in places like Chicago perpetrated by gang members of different races and ethnicities?

Yes, there’s a difference between a slug killing school kids and gang fights. But children are killed in both scenarios. There’s a significant difference between the motivations of the Texas shooter and the guy from Tulsa who killed several people because he thought a surgeon had botched his back surgery.

Buyout programs are really less than effective – especially since there are more killings and people believe they have to arm themselves in the future. Cal Thomas, in a column in The Times News last Friday, suggested that gun bans are not the solution. On the contrary, we should return to the teaching of ancient values. I won’t belittle Cal, but it seems he’s a little out of touch.

Personally, I am in favor of limits on the sales of assault weapons and also on the sales of several clips. Many would reply that it solves nothing, but even a token effort would be better than nothing. More importantly, we need to ensure that law enforcement officers are trained to deal with perpetrators and have the right equipment, i.e. radios etc. The more we learn about Uvalde, the more law enforcement mistakes that affected almost every aspect of the shooter’s response.

One thing we need from politicians is respect on both sides of the issue. Hysteria does not prevail, whether it is mass bans and confiscations of weapons or the angry politician who sees red when changes to the gun law are proposed.

The right to bear arms does not include the incentive not to restrict gun sales. The NRA is, above all, a pressure group, eager to receive funds from its members.

He perpetuates anger and fear among gun owners and thrives on the money his campaign brings in.

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If Republican leaders in the House and Senate wanted to come up with measures to fix the problem, they certainly could. It might be an act of patriotism to produce something more than, “Oh, I’m sorry those kids were killed, but our gun rights outweigh everything.”

Because I support limits on assault gun sales and multiple clip sales, I do not support legislation that would raise the age limit for gun purchases from 18 to 21. . As with alcohol sales, it is stupid and hypocritical to tell an 18-year-old he can join the armed forces and go to war with assault weapons, but he is not allowed to buy weapons before the age of 21. Being willing to lay down your life for your country should result in certain purchasing privileges.

Republicans should be on a roll ahead of the midterm elections given the inflation and the utter unpopularity of Joe Biden. It is clear that part of their base opposes any action that would restrict “the right to bear arms” in any way.

However, the NRA and others never concede the context of the Second Amendment:

“A well-organized militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms will not be infringed.”

Note the words “well regulated militia”. Isn’t it about the National Guard and the “control” of the “militia” weapons? What should be regulated? Would it be the right to “keep and bear arms”?

Look, starting with Columbine, the dynamic of mass shootings entered another orbit. If you can buy rifles, shotguns and pistols, can’t you “regulate” assault weapons and the multiple sales of clips? How many primary school children have to die before certain “regulations” are imposed?

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