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Gethin Jones has opened up about his career to date and the search for it, admitting that he is not interested in using dating apps to find a potential partner, preferring the “method to the old one”

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Dan Walker jokes with Gethin and Sally about missed lunch date

Gethin Jones is one of TV’s most eligible bachelors, smiling every morning.

After previously causing a stir over whether or not he’s settled down, the 44-year-old now exclusively reveals, “I could be married by the end of the year.” However, he admits there is only one problem – he still needs a wife.

But the BBC’s Morning Live host won’t download any dating app in his search for this one, explaining: “My mate tried to get me to do a little but no…I believe in to the old one.”

Cardiff-born Jones, who shot to fame on Blue Peter in 2005, was engaged to fellow Welsh star Katherine Jenkins in 2011 and dated Lucy Mecklenburgh of The Only Way Is Essex.

The two former flames are now matched and have children, but Jones is keeping his options open, saying, “I don’t think it matters whether someone is in the public eye or not.”

Gethin Jones opened up about being single, saying he won’t use dating apps


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He was previously in a relationship with Katherine Jenkins



Still, the idol recently teased fans about his relationship status, when last year he shared a video of himself wearing a wedding ring, leading many to believe he had gotten married.

The presenter was inundated with hundreds of congratulatory messages, for what turned out to be an advert for Welsh jeweler Clogau.

“Yes, it went well,” he laughs. “I don’t even think so. I should think more before posting.”

But while he hasn’t found that special someone yet, Jones has plenty of passions to keep him busy, including sports and music.

The star is a fan of the violin and piano, as well as the bagpipes, but his other true love is rugby.

He captained the rugby team while studying at Manchester Metropolitan University and even played professionally in the Lancashire Under-21s.

He rose to fame as a presenter on Blue Peter between 2005 and 2008



Jones reveals he loves presenting live TV because it’s like sports: “It’s the closest thing to it, just being live where anything can happen, and it usually is. on Morning Live.”

Jones has been on our screens for two decades, first on Welsh language TV show Popty alongside The One Show host Alex Jones. “I worked with Alex for 20 years,” he says.

“And when we do The One Show, it’s really funny because we’ve known each other for so long. We were also friends before. So it’s kind of weird doing national television together.”

However, despite his stellar career, he describes the recent presentation of a Platinum Champions Award, which is managed by the Royal Voluntary Service, to Jon Bamborough as one of the best parts of his job.

Jones surprised Jon, who works tirelessly for Street Life, a homeless charity based in Blackpool, with the gong on Morning Live.

Jon is one of 70 winners in the Crisis and Wellbeing category for his work as a mentor and leader for the charity. He also runs an annual music festival to raise funds.

He is currently part of the Morning Live lineup


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“I asked him to hold my cue cards,” Gethin explains. “And as I was reading the cue cards, he started to realize that I’m there for him and he got really emotional.

“They are amazing volunteers who make life better for others and they don’t expect anything in return, so it was a pretty special thing to do.”

But handing out awards to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee isn’t the only time Jones has teamed up with royalty. “I met the queen, I sang at her 80th birthday,” he explains.

“When I saw her after speaking Welsh to her and to her credit she replied in Welsh. I said ‘Hello Shwmae eich mawrhydi’ and she said ‘shwmae’ and we talked about Mabel the dog of Blue Peter because she was famous almost tripped over Mabel.”

During her career, Gethin met the Queen and her late husband, Prince Philip


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He also met the late Prince Philip when he was on Strictly Come Dancing in 2007.

“It’s funny how you’re told, ‘Okay, okay, that’s what’s going to happen. That’s what you have to say. And he comes in and he’s there just breaking the rule book,” Jones explains.

“He said something like ‘oh, you’re a good dancer, aren’t you?

Outside of royalty and the showbiz industry, Gethin says, “My biggest goal is to try to build a school for autistic children in Wales.”

The presenter already runs a charity called Nai, which is the Welsh word for nephew, in honor of his 14-year-old autistic nephew Alby.

He also spends his time volunteering at food banks in Manchester and will graduate next month after earning a master’s degree in sports management.

All things considered, he probably won’t stay single for long!

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