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Drew Barrymore would like you all to know three things: (1) she doesn’t hate sex, (2) she hasn’t had an “intimate relationship” since her split from Will Kopelman in 2016, and (3) she doesn’t you don’t need sex to be happy. This is what celebrity feminism looks like.

A month ago, Barrymore went viral for her unimpressed reaction to Andrew Garfield’s assertion that he abstained from sex for six months during filming The silence. Personally, I found his reaction to the news during an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show – she said: “I was like, Yeah, then?” – Quite amusing. But according to the actor’s recent blog post, some viewers saw her lack of enthusiasm as proof that she “hates sex”. After setting the record straight on ‘talented and cool’ Garfield’s decision to abstain from sex – ‘For him it must have been difficult’ – Barrymore decided to use the message as an opportunity to explain his point of view on sex. And why she doesn’t go out of her way to get some.

Growing up, she wrote, “I didn’t have role model parents and engaged with people in an adult way from a young age!” But getting married, having two children, and then getting divorced “shook me to the core”. Her priorities, she explained, have shifted: “I’ve had the pleasure of a change of direction when it comes to love for myself and my two daughters. I know that doesn’t include a man and haven’t in a while.

Barrymore continued, “Since coming into life as a single mother, I haven’t been able to have an intimate relationship.” This, she wrote, was a personal choice she had to make to process her divorce and move forward: “I needed to stay single and honor and in some kind of a state of mourning. of the loss of a nuclear family that I had sworn to have. for my daughters and to find grace and acceptance and what our new normal of a blended family would be like. It, she said, gave her the “joy of working on myself and learning about parenthood” and reframed how she views intimacy as “something that makes you feel feel good about yourself!”

While Barrymore is open to the possibility of a relationship in the future, it’s not a priority. “I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go out and engage with people on this level,” she wrote. “FYI, I don’t hate sex! I finally figured out that love and sex just aren’t the same thing.

Now can we please let Drew Barrymore be single in peace?

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