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As actor Shriya Pilgaonkar says in Bumble’s popular content series, Dating These Nights, “There are save dates and due dates, but there’s also a date?” When you date in your 30s, you are more self-aware, have a higher degree of self-esteem, are more intentional about dating, and know very well what you are looking for in a partner.

“There’s just something about your fourth decade that makes you feel a lot more grounded and secure in who you are. You also have life experiences under your belt now, which means you know more about what you do and don’t want in life and in a partner. Our recent research shows that people now want to date in the way that suits them best, without compromise, and we want to encourage single Indians to date their uninhibited authentic selves on Bumble,” shares Samarpita Samaddar, Director of communications in India, Bumble.

Shahzeen Shivdasani, Bumble’s India Relationship Expert shares some tips to help you navigate dating in your 30s:

Age is just a number: Meet on your own schedule and rules. Don’t succumb to societal pressure to get married at a specific age. Age should not be a factor in choosing a spouse or even in marriage. Whether you’re prepared for it and whether you’ve already met the person you want to take this step with should be the only things that matter.

Be yourself: Know who you are and clearly express your needs and desires. Dating apps like Bumblebee give you the power to convey your values ​​and your date in a more targeted way. You can quickly display your interests and hobbies on your profile by using Bumble’s interest badges to show more of your personality. Therefore, when exposing yourself, don’t be afraid to be your true self.

Do not hold yourself back because of your past experiences: We can develop scars as a result of our experiences, which we use as a shield to prevent us from taking damage again. Contrary to popular belief, these are the experiences that help us realize what we want and don’t want in a relationship. The secret is to take what you’ve learned from the past and apply it to your current love life. Don’t let previous relationships keep you from developing new ones when you get to know someone.

Take your time and release the pressure: Spend some time getting to know someone before deciding if they’re the ones you want to spend the rest of your life with. Spend time with them and get to know them better, even if only virtually. Let love happen when it’s expected because it never expires. Even if you really want to be in a relationship right now in your life, you need to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Compliance with limits: Setting boundaries when dating is vital. Try not to rush things and instead give them time and space. Healthy relationships are those where you have a sense of your own identity as much as it is about two people creating a life together.

Be kind: Remember to be nice to yourself and whoever you’re dating if something goes wrong. No one likes to be ignored or feel insignificant. We all deserve to be treated with the same respect we expect.

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