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The Right Stuff, an American dating app, wants two types of users when it launches next month: ladies and gentlemen looking to meet other conservatives. “Other dating apps have woken up. We bring people together with shared values ​​and similar passions,” he promised this week.

The new app aspires to control the dating pool so that conservatives no longer “endure years of bad dates and wasted time with people [who] don’t see the world our way, the right way.” Many of these will have been arranged on Tinder, which revolutionized the search for relationships a decade ago.

It’s an intriguing offer: the elimination of what a Vanity Fair writer appointed the “dating apocalypse” of casual dating based on “swipe right” matches, in favor of selective dating with like-minded people. His website this week posted a sample profile of “Paul,” a 29-year-old Catholic who loves country music, dislikes Joe Biden and wants kids.

But it is a step backwards. Dating apps are prone to abuse, especially by sex-starved young men, but they also have huge benefits. For those looking for long-term relationships beyond their immediate circles, they deepen the pool and expand the opportunities.

Marital conservatism is ingrained in all of us. What scientists call “endogamy” – the tendency of people to associate with others who are similar to them, in terms of education, class, ethnicity and beliefs – is deeply rooted. This tribalism needs no more encouragement.

Previously, it was controlled by families and friends. More than a quarter of American heterosexual couples meet through their family in 1940, but the proportion has steadily declined since then. Some 35% were still introduced by friends in 1980, before online dating took off.

tinder is proud in the opening: it doesn’t use social status, religion, or ethnicity in its user matching algorithm, saying “the party gets better when great people from all walks of life can come together.” It’s the biggest dating app in the world and it wants more users.

Apps aren’t always so inclusive: Bumble leave alone premium users search others by education and other attributes and it’s quite easy to send signals through profiles. american conservatives to complain about liberals putting “Swipe left if you voted for Trump” on their pages. They can be used to more effectively search for similarities, rather than greater variety.

What is encouraging is that, despite all this, technology has tended to produce more diversity in relationships, both in Europe and in the United States. The dating scene may have become more frenetic and stressful, but the marriage market has gained from being liberalized.

In the past, interracial marriage was illegal in many US states; online dating encouraged him. The apps have also increased coupling between people of different religions and education levels, according to some studies. Maybe online daters were inherently adventurous at first, but there’s little sign of that disappearing as more and more people join us.

Many young women have bad experiences dating through apps: More than half of American women in investigation saw them as a dangerous way to meet. But Gina Potarca, a researcher at the University of Geneva, argues that highly educated women who want long-term relationships gain the most from being able to sound out more candidates.

Potarca, who has studied online dating in the United States, Germany and Switzerland have found that these women often seek emotional compatibility rather than social status, selecting partners based on their attitudes towards marriage and gender roles . “They’re disadvantaged offline by the shortage of compatible men, but they’re good at finding what they want through dating apps.”

The result is a mix of classes and races, rather than people sticking rigidly to their roots. This strikes me as a public good at a time of irascible divisions over social attitudes and politics. Opposites often attract, and Romeo and Juliet showed that rebellion gives romance a special thrill.

So I can’t host The Right Stuff. You could say that selecting “people with shared values” is little different from how existing apps are used by many liberals, with the opposite result. He’s not the only one to limit his member pool, either: Tinder’s parent matchgroup last month acquired The League, a dating app for professionals that operates like an elite club.

But it’s a mirror of Western society – the urge to get away from other tribes and cocoon among people who look like you, agree with you, and reinforce existing prejudices (on all sides). One of the beauties of sex is that it can disrupt all of this through biological urges.

The good thing was based by two former aides to Donald Trump and evokes the familiar promise to restore tradition. “We need to get back to the right way of dating,” says Ryann McEnany, sister of Trump’s former press secretary, in her intro video.

It was definitely nice to be picked up by a boy your parents knew, waiting outside the white picket fence. It was definitely neater than being immersed in the cacophony of dating apps. But give the arrow of love a chance.

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