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Steve Gregory, Director of Leeds City Area Supply Chain Program and Head of Regional Engagement at University of Huddersfieldlooks at the importance of supporting local manufacturers.

The manufacturing industry has a huge role to play and the supply chain program is on a mission to support local manufacturers. Throughout the recent challenges the businesses have faced, they have continued to support and improve the business performance of many people in the Leeds City area.

Consider us a critical friend – We put business needs first! To date, we have engaged with over 500 companies, created nearly 400 jobs and pledged a total grant of around £870,000.”. – Steve Gregory.

The program is a not-for-profit business support program delivered by the University of Huddersfield and funded by the ERDF. They provide free supply chain support and offer grants to SMEs and related services in manufacturing, to help grow, improve and grow businesses.

Some opportunities that arise through support are entering a new industry, finding alternative supplies, moving up a level in a supply chain, reducing risk, or increasing the sustainability of the Supply Chain. The program also provides access to a variety of business diagnostics, reviews, assessments and a 3-year action plan for business growth and performance, as well as introductions to third-party specialists and access to the University’s variety of expertise.

Projects vary widely; from cost reduction, supplier performance and customer satisfaction, to innovation, productivity, skills development and strategy, the list goes on…

The program ends next year and there are still grants to be awarded, meaning the team will be accepting applications until December 2022.

If you think the LCR supply chain program could help your business, advisors are available to have a casual chat or answer any questions you may have.

Contact us here: [email protected]

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