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SHARING intimate messages online can be daunting if you don’t know how protective they are, but an outlet recently released a list of the safest apps to use when sending your most private messages.

Last week, Mashable released its list based on four criteria: security, privacy, ease of use, and subscription plans.


Dating apps are often used to send private and intimate messagesCredit: Getty
An outlet has compiled a list of the safest apps to use when sending explicit messages, including Tinder


An outlet has compiled a list of the safest apps to use when sending explicit messages, including TinderCredit: Getty
Bumble also made the list


Bumble also made the listCredit: Getty

Number one on the list of dating apps was AdultFriendFinder, which the outlet described as the best sexting dating app for “sex positivity.”

Mashable describes AdultFriendFinder as a “PornHub you can interact with”, noting that the website is not safe for work or when kids are in the same room.

While users can usually access the website for free, they can ensure more privacy – like a private photo album – with a Gold Membership.

Next was Snapchat, which was described as the best for “familiarity”.

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Snapchat has long been considered a sexting app, allowing users to send messages and photos that disappear after just a few seconds.

It has morphed several times since its inception in 2011, now allowing users to play games, transform their faces into animals, or use general photo filters.

Snapchat allows great messaging flexibility for users, including setting a 1-10 second time limit — or no limit at all — on their picture messages. Additionally, if they send a chat, users can choose whether they want the message deleted after posting or 24 hours.

When it comes to protecting users, Snapchat fails to prevent other users from saving or capturing their photos and chats, however, the app still alerts other users when this happens.

tinder was also listed and described as the best app for “user base”.

Considered one of the most well-known – and probably used – dating apps in the world, Tinder allows users to match with people they like simply by swiping left for no or right for yes on their Pictures.

If you’re looking to sext on Tinder, the company already has some measures in place.

For example, users cannot send photos directly through the app and can only send gifs, messages, contacts and music.

If users choose to upgrade to Tinder Gold, they gain access to even more privacy features, such as keeping your profile information private until you like another user’s profile, according to Mashable.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee was on the dating app list as the best app for “confident women”.

The popular app has quickly gained popularity thanks to its format where women are forced to make the first move.

On Bumble, users can send voice memos, photos, and videos. They can even FaceTime their matches if they want.

If anyone feels uncomfortable, they can always delete the match or select “Block and Report” if their match crosses a line.

Iconic dating service Match also made the list, being described as the best sexting dating app for “mature users”.

Mashable noted that while sexting might not be the first thing that may come to mind when you think of Match, however, the outlet claims that “anything can be a sexting app if you want”.

The majority of Match users tend to be more mature, making it a perfect app to use if the users are a bit older.

Finally, Plenty of Fish was listed as the best app for “making a connection”.

With over 150 million users worldwide, Mashable reported that A lot of fish makes 57 million connections between users every week.

Users can specify what they are looking for on the app whether it is casual, non-committal or a relationship.

Plenty of Fish allows users to connect via video or livestream, allowing them to meet online before meeting in person.

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As for additional privacy features, users are not required to connect social media accounts to their profile or even use their real name.

Anyone using apps such as those listed above should be wary of anyone they send personal and explicit information to through the app. Please review all guidelines detailed by each app before agreeing to send potentially risky content.

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