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Poker is a game that requires continuous strategic development, adapting to changing conditions, and updating one’s game plan. One of the most acceptable methods to begin your path to mastering this game is to read books produced by poker specialists. Here are some of the best poker books for beginners that will teach you everything you need to know about the game when you’re about to play on or any other betting platform. These books will teach you how to play this fascinating game full of chance, gimmicks and obvious bluffs. What books should you read to master this fantastic brain game? We take care of the situation for you. The best poker books and blogs for beginners are mentioned here. However, even if you are a novice, the following books will suffice.


Getting Started in Hold’em (2005) – Edward Miller

Ed went from rookie to pro in less than 18 months, making him uniquely prepared to educate amateur players about profiting in hold’em. This beginner’s book will teach you the essential building blocks of any good game. Preflop hand evaluation, dominance, betting for value, saving your hand, semi-bluffing, pot equity, pot odds, implied odds, free card games, chip stack size and suitability, and many more topics are covered in this article. It’s not complex, but it’s a great starting point for anyone new to Texas Hold’em – limit, no-limit, tournament or cash game.

Elements of Poker (2007) – Tommy Angelo

This poker strategy book does not include any basic poker strategy. Tommy Angelo thinks there’s no need to teach you how to play poker because you already have the skill. He will show you how to play the best poker possible. When you’re playing your A-game, you might be the best player in the world, but if you’re only playing your A-game 20% of the time, you’re not making money.

Conversely, a player who isn’t even close to the world’s greatest but who continually does his best will always be lucrative. “Elements of Poker” teaches you how to stay on top of your game and, as a result, improve your poker skills. Beyond pot odds, position, and EV, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the game. And you dive into tilt issues, gain insights, and approach the game from different angles.

Ace on the River (2005) – Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is a legend in the poker world, known for his high-stakes gambling and television poker appearances. Greenstein discusses strategic theories and life as a professional gamer in his book. With a focus on poker psychology, money management and relationships. As a result, you’ll gain insight into the world of poker beyond the cards.

Sit-and-Go Strategy (2007) – Collin Moshman

Expert Tips on How to Win One-Table Poker Tournaments is the best sit-and-go game book ever written. It’s great for single-table tournaments, so head to a bookstore now and pick up this book. This will improve your ROI and make you a better player in sit-and-go events and multi-table tournaments. You will learn how to progress through the different SNG game levels, as well as how to make changes.


Jonathan Little Blog

Jonathan Little started blogging in 2014. He won two World Poker Tours as a professional poker player. Jonathan Little’s blog is a great read and a resource for any poker player. He offers poker movies on his blog that demonstrate and explain some of the hands he has played in tournaments. He also talks about other issues players would find interesting, such as what mindset to have throughout a game, whether to force your opponent or keep them inside and more. He has also written about game analysis and tournaments. You should look forward to future releases.

ESPN Poker Blog

If you don’t follow poker news, you can’t consider yourself a fully committed poker player. The easiest way to do this is to visit ESPNthe blog of. The sports news superpower publishes excellent articles produced by eminent writers on topics every poker player should seek out. The site covers everything from major events to league changes with photography and meaningful content.

Poker Lists Blog

The editorial team manages the Pokerlisting blog, which also features the blogs of other bloggers. This blog will be beneficial for both new and experienced players. The site’s Pokerlisting section typically features live poker game streams, tournament commentary, poker news, poker gadgets, and more. Pokerlistings blogs are written by a diverse group of poker players and enthusiasts, including Jason Mercier and Matt Stout. They also host the World Series of Poker blog, Positively Nerd Street, Poker Joker, and more. All of these websites offer you a wide range of poker information, gossip, strategies, analysis, and more.

thinking about poker

Thinking Poker is a blog and podcast dedicated to poker thinking. Each episode is about an hour long and features guests ranging from amateur athletes to coaches. There is an element of strategy and a significant interview portion in most episodes. The Thinking Poker website has it all, from trip reports to a link to buy Thinking Poker products. This is a blog/podcast to watch; big things seem to be on the horizon, and rightly so. Although podcasts aren’t as easy to consume as a video or image, they have a lot to offer if you’re willing to put in the effort. This podcast is no exception and offers listeners a great opportunity to learn.

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