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  • Photo courtesy Immersive Van Gogh – Orlando

There has always been a whiff of scam about Immersive Van Gogh Experience this has long been promised in Orlando. Difficult to analyze differences between competing exhibitions with similar names in the absence of an advertised location, something seemed out of place to bring Van Gogh’s swirling landscapes to the magnificent city.

That gnawing little doubt only got stronger when the venue unceremoniously rescheduled all of its ticketing dates and times. Now, guests who finally see the attraction (in a not-so-secret or special place inside the convention center) are enraged at the real-life experience of seeing sunflowers explode to terrifying heights.

A Reddit user called the rather expensive light show “the biggest scam … I have ever witnessed”. They said the art looked badly stretched and the colors were oddly corrected, saying the event was like standing in a room watching videos before being ushered into a large gift shop with poorly done art reproductions on various items.

“Most of the product illustrations in the gift shop were stretched out, like a bad PowerPoint presentation, and the colors were not the same as the actual art. I felt like everything was lit up,” they said. they wrote.

The original poster said that anyone who enjoyed the exhibit was probably taking drugs to make the experience more enjoyable. This led another commentator to say that the drugs had not helped.

“No worries there, I was blown away from my mind and it was still rubbish,” they wrote.

Another person said she felt like she paid $ 100 to stand in a dead mall.

“I agree with OP. I went there last Sunday and got bored immediately after getting there. No excitement around the event. It felt more like walking into the dead Artegon mall,” they said. they shared. “The highlight of my evening was having a Big Mac meal after we left.”

A few said they enjoyed the exhibit.

“Personally, I expected a multiroom installation rather than a single large one. From a content perspective, they definitely took liberties with the artwork, cut and layered elements and animated shots. brush to the point that it’s not really van Gogh’s job anymore, “shared a mostly satisfied customer. “But the installation was technically flawless – no seam between the projections, no overlap on the wall or bleed on other surfaces. Watching a loop and a half was certainly sufficient, and I won’t need to see it again. , but I don’t ‘I don’t regret going either. ”

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