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If you’re feeling frustrated with social media, you’re not alone. Many retailers spend valuable time creating and publishing content, only to get little to no “reach” and “engagement,” let alone sales. As a small business owner who rarely has time to waste, this can seem incredibly daunting and perhaps make you wonder why you should even care about social media.

Here’s the thing: the undeniable fact is that social media is one of the best tools you can use to market your business. People use these apps every day, multiple times a day, and as a business owner, you need to show where your customers are spending their time. You just need to know how to take advantage of these platforms.

All social media platforms want to make sure users never leave apps. They seek to show users content that performs well (or gets good engagement) because that content is popular and will help keep users on apps longer. That’s where the almighty algorithms come in. It’s the algorithm’s job to find that top-performing content and prioritize it, showing it to as many people as possible with the goal of to keep them on the app. So, the key to seeing more traction from your posts is to be on the “good side” of the algorithms. The more engagement your posts get, the more people the algorithm will show them to (for free), and the more people you’ll reach with the potential to turn them into new customers.

Here are six ways to help algorithms favor your content and your account:

1. Grow your community

The more you get involved and part of the online community, the stronger and more engaged your community will become. Social media platforms aim to create a sense of community online as strong as people offline. If you help them do this, the algorithm can bring your account closer to the top of viewers’ streams. To help grow your community, follow profiles that match your perfect customer groups (PCGs) and network by sending personalized direct messages or commenting on posts your PCGs read.

2. Focus on engagement

Engagement (such as comments, saves, shares, and likes) on social media shows the platform that viewers value your content. Entertaining and educational posts help to increase interest and hold attention, and as we know, this is a key indicator that platforms look for. If your viewers can become commenters, sharers, and savers, the algorithm will notice and share your content with people similar to the original viewer. Additionally, people who interact with your content will be more likely to see more of your content in the future.

3. Consistency

The more you use a platform, the more confident the platform can be that you will show up and help them achieve their goals. The algorithm would not want to invest in an account that is not likely to bring in views, engagement, and consumers, when it might invest in an account that is committed to growing its audience. We recommend posting to your accounts daily or multiple times per day to accelerate your growth.

4. New features

Each platform has a team of people who work hard to develop its application. This team is dedicated to releasing exciting new features that make the platform more engaging for users. If you find and include these features in your posts, the algorithm will likely push your content to a wider audience to help promote its new features.

5. Use the tools a platform wants to promote

If you notice that a platform favors one type of content over another, that’s a good clue to follow their lead, as those types of content will likely be the ones prioritized in the algorithm. Currently, most platforms focus on short video. We are seeing massive growth in the reach and followings of Reels and TikTok. Use these tools to reach more people, drive more engagement, and help your posts rank higher in the algorithm.

6. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

There is a lot of clutter on social media. On average, only 1-5% of your audience sees your content organically. Advertising will help push your posts through that clutter and draw more attention to your content, which will lead to more reach and engagement. The more engagement your posts get, the more your content will be shown to more people in the future.

By incorporating these tips into your social media marketing strategy, you can help put your account and posts on the right side of the algorithm, and you’ll start to notice more reach, engagement, and sales through your efforts over time!

Maddie Goode is a social media strategist and ad buyer for Crystal Media. Goode has been working one-on-one with retail clients at Crystal Media since 2019. His successes with his advertising clients are numerous, including a 68% increase in sales year-to-date and multiple returns on advertising spend multiplied by 10. His interest in small business advocacy, combined with his enthusiasm for education and entertainment from the stage, creates a natural connection with his audience. From presenting at Crystal Media events to spotlighting regionally and nationally, Goode has formed and left his useful impression on countless retailers to date.

Like Goode, the Crystal Media team is passionate about helping retailers grow through social media. Through their ad management services, local business listings services, social media training and speaking engagements, thousands of retail clients have achieved tremendous success and ROI. Crystal Media is on a mission to help Main Street thrive and easily adapt to the ever-changing world of digital marketing, providing the ultimate in marketing clarity. Learn more about

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