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The success and profitability of many businesses is highly dependent on the effectiveness of their sales team. It doesn’t matter how many leads an inbound marketing strategy brings; your business will not thrive without successful lead conversion.

Although some salespeople are naturally good at the art of persuasion, the best sales professionals are always looking for ways to improve their negotiation skills. Whether they’re just starting out or are seasoned sales reps, sales professionals can further their education with sales management training courses, books, webinars, podcasts, and blogs.

What are sales management blogs?

Sales management blogs are online articles that provide valuable insight into the sales process. These tips typically include advice on customer-focused topics, such as acquiring new leads, cold calling, navigating customers through the sales funnel, and handling difficult situations.

The overall goal of these blogs is to help sales managers and professionals build a successful sales process, increase sales, and stay current with new trends, techniques, and technologies.

Did you know? Sales-focused blogs often focus on leadership skills and collaboration topics to help sales professionals improve their interpersonal skills.

The Best Sales Management Blogs

Below are some of our favorite sales-focused blogs. We hope you find a new gem there to help you make 2022 your best year yet!

1. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Social media has become an essential tool for marketing and selling to customers, so sales reps will likely need to stay on top of trends if they want to be successful. If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to modern sales, B2B sales, and social selling strategies, follow LinkedIn’s sales blog, LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

2. Lifetime sales

Another great sales blog that highlights essential strategies for social selling is Lifetime sales. This blog will keep you informed of current processes including social selling, video strategies and technology trends. If you’re looking for ways to take your sales team to the next level, this blog also provides valuable information on how to effectively develop your sales professionals.

3. Predictable income

Aaron Ross is an award-winning author, so it’s no surprise his blog is a must-read. Predictable income delves into important topics such as workflow, return on investment (ROI), cold calling, and email marketing to help readers supercharge their sales processes and increase customer satisfaction. If lead generation is important to you (and I know it is!), you won’t want to miss the next post on this blog.

PointPoint: When choosing a lead generation service, consider which marketing channels you want to focus on and whether you have enough staff to handle new leads.

4. New sales strategies

Looking for new information on sales management? Check Jill Konrath’s blog for advice on one of the most essential elements of your sales force: strategy. With a focus on working smart and embracing the right mindset, her cohesive blog reads like a blueprint for success. If you’re ready to make big changes in the coming year, be sure to add this blog to your reading list.

5. Origin of sales

Geoffrey James, author of How to say it: business-to-business sales and editor for, offers a witty and sharp look at the sales industry. It includes stimulating messages that will help you increase your productivity. If you’re looking for a sales management blog that cuts through the noise, Origin of sales will not disappoint you.

6. Professional Sales Insider

Sales Specialist is an award-winning blog whose goal is to help businesses improve customer service, sales, and productivity through better leadership. Nancy Bleeke is a sales management thought leader who inspires readers with her innovative insights into how attitudes and habits shape our success. Whether you want to learn quick tips or new ways of thinking, Sales Pro Insider is worth reading.

7. Smart call

Art Sobczak has been helping people with cold calling advice and sales techniques for over 30 years. If your business uses the phone for inside sales or prospecting, its Smart Calling Blog is an invaluable resource that will help you get through, persuade and close.

PointPoint: When trying to win clients over the phone, stay confident, speak naturally, listen to your clients, and never make assumptions.

8. The Sales Hunter

Motivational speaker, author and sales trainer Mark Hunter shares his methods and strategies for sales success through leadership and organizational change. The sales hunter provides brilliant insights you’ll want to share with the entire sales team. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone experiencing a drop in sales.

9. RAIN Group Sales

What happens when several of the world’s most respected experts join forces to co-create a sales blog? Nothing less than amazing. Get ready to unleash your full sales potential and become a real rainmaker. The RAIN Group Sales Blog contains informative articles such as “Your 6-Step Guide to Setting and Reaching Sales Goals”. It offers insightful information on the buying process, selling information, and value proposition that will enable you and your team to quickly overcome the obstacles that prevent you from succeeding.

10. Sale Sauce

Anyone looking for a little help improving their customer service and acquisition skills should check out the sales articles at sale sauce. Just the right length for a quick read, this blog is packed with helpful tips, such as prospecting new customers, closing deals, building teams, and effectively pumping customers into your sales funnel. It even includes an occasional podcast episode for those who prefer to listen to their sales information.

PointPoint: If you’re looking for in-depth reading on leadership topics, check out our list of the best leadership books for small business owners.

Benefits of Reading Sales Management Blogs

The overall benefit of reading sales management blogs is to help you increase your sales by becoming a better sales rep or sales leader. However, a sales management blog can help your sales strategy in many ways, depending on the specific topics you come across.

Here are some ways to benefit from reading sales management blogs:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with clients and team members.
  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Discover new sales strategies.
  • Boost your sales performance and closing rates.
  • Stay up to date with new sales technologies.
  • Hone specific skills including cold calling, social selling, closing, and gatekeeper management.

Brenda Stoltz contributed writing and research to this article.

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