Credit Calculation and Interest Calculation

Credit Calculation and Interest Calculation

The amount of fees that people need on the basis of a certain period of time ( 1 month or 48 months ) is paid in return for the amounts given with the forms of payment arranged with maturity and this banking service is called a loan.

How to Calculate Credit?


Firstly, banks are divided into almost 3 groups according to their types. Private banks are classified as public banks, participation banks. In another article, we will inform you about the banks in these 3 groups and located in our country.

And the purpose of this bank community is to collect deposits on certain criteria and give it to those in need with a certain interest. Our aim is to find the bank that makes the cheapest loan calculation among them.

Loan installment calculations usually take place in some months. Banks charge funds and taxes apart from interest when calculating loan installments. Apart from the loan installment calculation (BSMV) and (KKDF), monthly payment amounts appear.

Resource utilization is a support fund.


Since there are so many banks in our country, it is not that easy to find a bank that performs the cheapest loan calculation and cuts the fees such as minimum file expense. However, we have collected the loan interest rates of 15 banks that made the cheapest loan calculations for you on a single page.

Credit Interest Calculation Rates 2019 Year?

The loan we withdraw from the banks is recalculated by applying interest to the principal remaining from each payment month. The remaining principal amount and the interest rate applied by the bank are multiplied and the BITT, RUSF taxes, and funds mentioned above are added.

Since the principal amount decreases and the interest rate decreases after the payment made every month in the loan interest rate calculation method, the installments we may start to decrease.

Below is the loan calculation chart. You can calculate the amount of credit in your mind without going to the bank by using the loan calculation table ?

When calculating loan interest rates, we can compare them in three ways. The first is the loan calculation without entering the interest rate. The second is the loan calculation by entering the rate. Thirdly, calculation by monthly installment.

Below are the bank loan interest rates for 23 banks with a maturity of 36 months to 10,000 thousand USD. Bank loan interest rates may change according to our credit rating?

How to Calculate Vehicle and Vehicle Loans?


There are tools for banks’ loan tools or loan calculation sites to calculate used car loan or calculate that car loan. We can benefit from them for free.

Thanks to these free credit tools used, they can get detailed information about the loan we will take without going to the bank, such as monthly payment installments, down payments and interest rates. Second-hand car loan calculations can be done by benefiting from the loan calculation tool on our site.

Generally, vehicle loan term (1 month or 48 months) is calculated with maturity in all banks. Some exception banks (36 months) calculate with maturity. Another name for money withdrawn by calculating zero and a second hand car loan is a personal loan. Interest rates vary among them.

Things to know before doing that car loan calculation or second-hand car loan calculation.

  • To get this car loan, we must be over 18 years old.
  • In order to use car loans, we need to document income.
  • Life insurance is compulsory when taking a car loan. Some banks require motor insurance, as well as life insurance.
  • Mortgages are put into the cars you bought and banks are seized if the debt is not paid.

The documents required for calculating and applying for a second-hand car loan or zero (O) car loan are as follows.

  • First of all, the application form.
  • The personal identity card can be a passport or driver’s license.
  • Document showing the place of residence of the person.
  • Income documents that the person enters into his household. (Payroll)

Zero (o) car loan and second-hand car loan interest rates are given in the table below with interest rates of 30.000 thousand USD 36 months maturity for October. Interest rates may vary depending on our credit rating. 

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