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If you 1) enjoy this blog; 2) own a Kindle; and 3) would like to read it on your Kindle, you can! I recently published the key is on my nipple ring to Amazon so now it is available by subscription. Current price (set by Amazon) is $.99/month with a 14-day free trial. Note that a subscription is only available to the actual Kindle device; you can’t subscribe if you are reading using the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, another Smartphone or your PC.

What do you get? Every time the blog is updated with a new post, it will be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle. The ten most recent posts are always available on your Kindle. Posts include the full text, graphics, and live hyperlinks which will connect through the Kindle web browser (note that the wireless must be turned on). You can zoom in on graphics. The built-in Kindle dictionary works within the blog and you can clip articles of interest and save them to your “My Clippings” file.

Other standard Kindle features that work in the blog: you can change the font size, change the typeface, turn on text-to-speech, and rotate the screen.

What don’t you get? You can only read posts on the main (home) page. You can’t read additional pages such as this one, About, Our Contract, and Contact. You also can’t read or post comments. (You can post comments using the web browser but it is such a tedious process I wonder why anyone would bother!) The annotation and search features are turned off and not available in the blog.

Why did I do this? As a convenience to those of you who might be regular readers and would enjoy reading the blog on your Kindle. Note that things here at the website won’t be changing. I’ll still be posting regularly to the blog and all my posts, with comments, will be available for free, as they have been since I started the blog back in August.

(In case you didn’t realize, it is possible to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications when new posts are made. Just click on the button on the right hand side of the screen, way down near the bottom. Also, the blog is optimized for viewing on a mobile device, such as an iPhone.)

To learn more and start a free trial, go here. If you do subscribe and enjoy the blog on your Kindle, please consider leaving a review at the Amazon product page. Thanks in advance for your support!

Content Advisory

This is a blog with mature content and themes, discussing sexuality in a frank and open manner. If you are offended by honest discussion of male chastity, orgasm denial, human sexuality, the human body, and toys and devices used for sexual play then you probably will not enjoy this site.


I welcome comments and feedback on the blog, although abusive or flaming comments will be moderated.

If you prefer not to comment publicly, you can send me Feedback through the Feedback page. Just click on the link at the top of the screen. Your message will be sent directly to me and I will respond promptly.

You can also email me directly at dev (at) devotedlvr (dot) com

I look forward to hearing from like-minded folks.


1. cricketed – September 14, 2010
Hi. I’m a submissive husband kept in chastity by a loving wife.

How’s that for an introduction? 🙂

I’ve read a good bit of your blog, and I really like it. I’d like to add you to my blogroll.

May I invite you to check mine out and consider returning the favor?

Thanks, and I look forward to reading more of you.


2. devotedlvr – September 14, 2010
Hi cricketed, you’ve been added. Love the photos on your site.


3. Chaste – November 4, 2010
I’d like to pick your brain on the sizing of your jailbird. We’re considering one and base rings have always been an issue with our cb-6000. Your insight and experience would be appreciated

4. chaste husband – November 6, 2010
How is the Mature Metal Cock Ring working out Dev? Have you used it while being intimate, just wondered if the screw lock worked out ok in those circumstances as mine ships out on Monday.

devotedlvr – November 6, 2010
Hi CH,

If you read my post for today, I think you’ll discover that the cock ring is working out just fine. I like the screw and the way it holds everything together nice and tightly. We haven’t tried actual intercourse with the ring in place, but Ab had a fabulous erection while wearing it the other day.


I started this blog…as so many do…to share my thoughts and insights about an important part of my life with my husband: male chastity. Yes, there are other blogs out there with lots of good information and I certainly recommend them, but I also think I have a slightly different perspective on some of these issues, so I believe I will add new information to the discussion and not repeat what’s already out there. Time will tell if I am correct.

About Us

We are a happily married couple–we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary in June, 2010. My husband is 57 and I am 55. We live in a small city in the northeast United States. For the purposes of this blog, I have adopted two pseudonyms: Dev for me, from Devoted Lover–because I am, he is, and we are. I am calling my husband Ab. That comes from a long-standing nickname. My husband was born on the feast day of St. Anthony Abbott. When we were first married, we nicknamed his cock “Little Abbott” and the name has stuck all these years. So we are Dev and Ab and very pleased to meet you.

The Name of the Blog

The key is on my nipple ring–the key to the Master lock that is holding my husband in chastity. I read lots of blogs where the woman/wife/keyholder would wear the key on a chain “nestled between her breasts.” Well, I have pierced nipples so why not use that jewelry for another purpose? I’ll write more about this in a blog entry, but for now, let’s just say “the key is on my nipple ring”…hidden in plain sight.

Dear Readers…

I hope you enjoy the blog. I will be updating regularly and sharing my thoughts. I welcome comments but those that are abusive or flaming will be moderated. Just so you know.

In devoted love and chastity,