Scholarships: The Gold Rush

In the midst of a storm in financial markets, gold is on the rise and the price of the ounce is breaking the record. How to explain this yellow fever? Can we fear a golden bubble? Point.

Maybe it’s time to sell old granny’s ring. Gold prices continue to climb: now the 31.10 grams weighing an ounce of gold cost more than 1900 dollars (1300 euros). A level never reached. In six months, the price of the ounce has taken more than 30%, more than 50% over one year.

Why this gold rush?

In the midst of a stock market storm, gold is on the rise. First because investors “anticipate inflation,” says Yannick Colleu, author of a “Guide to investment in the gold market.” However, if the paper currencies, euro, and the dollar in mind, can fluctuate, gold remains a safe, tangible, rare, so expensive, whatever happens. “Gold is not the debt of anyone, while the dollar is a debt on the United States, which suffer from economic problems, and the euro a claim on Europe, which suffers from political problems”, explains also Jean-Philippe Roos, Managing Director of Fructifonds International Gold at Natixis Asset Management.

Thus, he summarizes, the gold rush reflects “a mistrust of the two main reserve currencies, the euro and the dollar, the fear of systemic risk for banks, and the fear of the return of inflation “.

Who has the fever of gold?

Individuals, of course, “but they do not make the general trend,” recalls Yannick Colleu. “There are especially very large investors, American funds for example,” he analyzes. Emerging countries “seem to play a big role”, for Jean-Philippe Roos. “On the one hand, because in India, but especially in China, the demand for gold for jewelry is very strong,” he says. On the other hand, because the central banks of China, Korea, India, Brazil, etc. have a lot of dollars. They are buying gold because they want to diversify their foreign exchange reserves. ”

“Before 2007, they were supplying the market by selling 400 to 500 tonnes of gold a year. Today, several central banks have made it clear that they are stopping sales – Germany and Switzerland in particular – and around 20 of them officially state that they have become buyers of gold, ” says Yannick Colleu.

Can gold welcome all the worries of the world?

No, because “it’s a tiny market,” says Yannick Colleu. “The total annual capitalization of available physical gold,” he continues, ” today represents less than 200 billion euros.” By comparison, the oil company ExxonMobil, the world’s largest market capitalization, alone weighs about much.

This is because there will be no place for everyone “a bubble will be created,” says this specialist. “Prices will, therefore, increase, until they become aberrant. Investors will then turn to silver, which at current prices represents less than one-fifth of gold’s capitalization and which in turn will increase dramatically. ”

Should we fear a bubble?

Yes, according to Valérie Gastaldy, a graphic analyst at Day By Day, interviewed by Reuters: ” Gold is the star of the summer, with new regular highs and soon the psychological threshold of 2,000 dollars [an ounce]. We note an acceleration of the uptrend and a bubble entry. ”

Not yet, not immediately, according to the two specialists interviewed by Libé There is a risk of what the jargon calls a “consolidation”: to understand a pause in the rise in prices or even a fall. And it is likely to be as “vertical” as was the rise, warns Jean-François Roos.

“The bubble is not yet formed, but there will be one. Investors will gradually begin to realize that government bonds [seen as a very solid investment, note] are not as safe as we want to say, ” said Yannick Colleu.

Jean-Philippe Roos does not believe in a gold bubble. “As long as the root causes of this increase in the price of gold remain, I do not see why this market would collapse. However, the United States can not make big decisions and could stumble until the presidential election in November 2012. “Moreover, ” the problems in the euro area may continue. ”

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Mathieu, 22, student

“I do not want to give in to a garbage job”

“A friend has become an agoraphobic force to take the subway every day to get to work, aware that she was lucky to have found an internship paid 600 euros per month. Another friend, less fortunate, chained every conceivable odd job to pay for his studies of psychology. He almost lost faith in humanity when he found himself having to distribute free samples in Parisian bourgeois neighborhoods.

“I am aware of having the advantage that my parents are there for me to survive, although some months, the budget is a small source of panic, and we have to accept certain concessions. I finished my studies knowing that to find a job in my branch, it will be a cross. I enjoy student life to the fullest, the lack of money makes imaginative and resourceful, and most importantly, I work.

“If almost any of my various activities were paid, yet I have accumulated more professional experience than most of those who allow themselves to judge me lazy. I can handle groups of 3 to 50 people, Laying out a newspaper, I know plant and harvest vegetables, take care of a pig, I know to transform a tree trunk in a shelf and get my bearings by the stars, take addressed a crowd or a hostile assembly, speak four foreign languages …

“These capabilities, I have gained as an elected union, editor and newspaper distributor, farmer, host a school … And these are only the unpaid work. Those I have exercised the most because I felt that I was helpful to others. I have the impression to enrich myself by helping and learning by doing a repetitive and absurd activity against a salary. Being a resourceful enough natural and do not have big needs to live happily, I think they do not need to give in to a garbage job. I do not have the certainty of not having one day myself to, but as long as I can live decently without accepting the blackmail money from the labor market, I will. ”

Vincent, 24, in the interim, Marseille

“I found myself too graduated”

“I have not studied philosophy in order to work, but by intellectual taste. It’s stupid, admit. The problem, as Epicurus said, is that no philosopher hungry. And in Paris, it is complicated to pick berries, hunt or fish. In addition, the food piggybacks other unnecessary desires. It is necessary that I go have a beer and reading books. The trouble is that often, I prefer not necessary food needs; the book of the Apocalypse desire Pierre Boutang (37 euros) forced me to eat pasta for a week.

“Without social benefits, I tried to get money or just to earn enough to eat: I was a tutor, babysitter, human guinea pig, security guard, shoe salesman, and I ‘on the way. Each time, I won six francs six under but I could afford my fags and it reassured me for the next day. You see, we often forget that hunger is not really a physical problem, it is primarily an anxiety. We can go a week without eating or even more. But ignorance of whether tomorrow we will have the plate to eat, it’s a spin that you use. And like any anxiety, we try to put in the background by some addictions, alcohol, and literature is my favorite.

“After I was lucky, I had parents, a brother and friends. It provides you eat better opportunities. I had some talent freeloader. So I’ve always been frugal, but I had nothing to save. I have accepted to live for two years in a person to pull down my rent. And then last year of college, I had a student credit: I replaced and Out by debt. Now the shit looming long time: my problem is not what we eat but how to pay tomorrow what I’ve already eaten.

“We had to find a job, but not wanting to be a teacher and has a master’s philosophy, I really look stupid. I was too “graduate” and too “thinking” for jobs that I applied. In démerdant me as a great, I got a job in a bank interim: I am turnkey, that is to say, the guy to be paid 50% social worker and 50% commercial, and especially to be yelled instead of others. But hey, like repeat customers: “It’s not against you, but …” and in the evening I can eat frozen lasagna while watching Netflix and finding that our society is exceptional. ”

PTA and “Libération”

By publishing these texts, Libération editorial continues the adventure begun in January 2015, with the term priority area. PTA, participatory media already associated with the student at the peripheries broadcast on France Inter and the Association of Student Foundation for the City (Afev) is an original device developed by a team of journalists to deploy the youth expression. The principle: to encourage high school students, students, workers, unemployed, urban, rural, to tell and to testify about current events and issues that concern them (school, university, job, money, health, love …) accompanying them . These stories, to discover on, paint a unique panorama and many youths living in France. In March, the 2016 Focus on the journalism in Tours, the term priority area has been designated the winner of media education in the category associative initiative.

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1. cricketed – September 14, 2010
Hi. I’m a submissive husband kept in chastity by a loving wife.

How’s that for an introduction? 🙂

I’ve read a good bit of your blog, and I really like it. I’d like to add you to my blogroll.

May I invite you to check mine out and consider returning the favor?

Thanks, and I look forward to reading more of you.


2. devotedlvr – September 14, 2010
Hi cricketed, you’ve been added. Love the photos on your site.


3. Chaste – November 4, 2010
I’d like to pick your brain on the sizing of your jailbird. We’re considering one and base rings have always been an issue with our cb-6000. Your insight and experience would be appreciated

4. chaste husband – November 6, 2010
How is the Mature Metal Cock Ring working out Dev? Have you used it while being intimate, just wondered if the screw lock worked out ok in those circumstances as mine ships out on Monday.

devotedlvr – November 6, 2010
Hi CH,

If you read my post for today, I think you’ll discover that the cock ring is working out just fine. I like the screw and the way it holds everything together nice and tightly. We haven’t tried actual intercourse with the ring in place, but Ab had a fabulous erection while wearing it the other day.


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