Loan: Apply HERE online quickly

Loan: Apply HERE online quickly

You have taken stock of all of your credits and you want a total (or partial) redemption to reduce your debt and have only one credit. You will finally find the solution thanks to a credit buyout for owner or for tenant. We will guide you to establish your request for repurchase of credit.

The objective of a successful credit buyout

The objective of a successful credit buyout

Above all, it is necessary to establish its monthly budget: its income from which we will deduct its fixed current expenses. We will then estimate the place for the repayment of a single personal loan which will be the loan repurchase that you are requesting.

Binary Lender, broker in repurchase of credit, will make a simulation of repurchase of credit to know the monthly payment of your credit grouping.
It will be a good idea to add a little cash in your loan request to deal with the vagaries and other bills that will soon appear in your mailbox.
A new credit simulation is possible with more cash of course, for the purchase of a vehicle or to finance works for example.

How to finalize your request to buy back credit?

How to finalize your request to buy back credit?

Making a loan buy-back is quite simple, because it’s our job. But, do you want a quick credit buyout? All you need to do is collect all the documents that you will be asked for, without forgetting online credits, and this within a fairly short period of time.
Once your credit repurchase file is complete, we study it as soon as possible while respecting your wishes for maximum monthly payments and additional cash.

What will be the repurchase rate of credit?

What will be the repurchase rate of credit?

The rate will depend on the quality of your file. If you have more than 15 consumer loans, it will be more difficult to defend your request for credit repurchase than a file in which there are only 8 consumer loans to take back. In general, if you are up to date in the payment of your charges and your credits and your income is sustainable, we can obtain an attractive competitive rate.

With a credit buy online, you will get the same rate as a file sent by mail, but above all you will have a much faster response.

Credit buyout without mortgage: it’s quicker and easier

You must meet several conditions to obtain a credit in Belgium. The lending organizations are quite picky and demanding on the establishment of files and sometimes your file is refused. This article summarizes the conditions for obtaining a credit.

Why am I being denied credit?

Why am I being denied credit?

It is common to say that bankers are careful people. They do not lend money to anyone and under any conditions. In fact, not all credit requests are accepted in Belgium. Thus, many individuals and businesses face refusals every day from their bank.

Here are the major risks that can play against you when applying for a loan:

  • Risk of over-indebtedness: the risk of over-indebtedness is one of the primary causes of loan refusal. Your banker must ensure that you do not go into debt and become insolvent in the coming years
  • Non-repayment: the banker can refuse you the credit if he feels that you are not able to repay the installments of it. This can result in a fragile file, a lack of guarantee, a project that does not hold water or a profile of borrower in whom he does not trust ( ex: a young person without stable job )
  • National Bank filing: if you are registered with the Best Bank and your debt is still being reimbursed, your credit will be refused. On the other hand, solutions exist if your filing is regularized, it all depends on the lending organization.
  • Mediation and collective debt settlement: in all cases, your credit request will be refused
  • Cascading credit: if you have taken too much credit in a short period, no need to apply for a new loan, you will be refused

Conditions for obtaining a credit

Conditions for obtaining a credit

Now that we have seen the conditions that can lead to a refusal, let’s see the minimum conditions for obtaining credit.

  • Be of legal age: you must be of legal age to apply for a loan
  • Have regular income: it is of course necessary to have regular income to apply for a loan. A fragile file will be refused given the risks run by the lending organization.
  • Having a current account in Belgium: this is a prerequisite for obtaining a credit. You must be domiciled in Belgium or Luxembourg. Direct debit (SEPA Mandate) is an additional guarantee requested by banks to avoid involuntary defaults. However, it is not necessary to have Belgian nationality to obtain a credit.
  • Good financial health: knowing how to manage your money is a prerequisite for applying for a loan. The lender must consult the Best Bank to make sure that you are not on the blacklist or prohibited banking. A borrower who regularly finds himself short will have a hard time gaining the confidence of his banker in order to obtain his credit.

Assess your debt capacity

Assess your debt capacity

Your debt ratio can go in some cases up to 60% depending on your income and depending on the lender. In other words, you must generate monthly income much higher than your monthly payments. This is one of the essential conditions for obtaining credit. A good debt ratio ensures that you can pay your monthly payments without problems, which will reassure your banker.

Don’t hesitate to compare the credit consolidation offers offered by our partners!

Credit Calculation and Interest Calculation

The amount of fees that people need on the basis of a certain period of time ( 1 month or 48 months ) is paid in return for the amounts given with the forms of payment arranged with maturity and this banking service is called a loan.

How to Calculate Credit?


Firstly, banks are divided into almost 3 groups according to their types. Private banks are classified as public banks, participation banks. In another article, we will inform you about the banks in these 3 groups and located in our country.

And the purpose of this bank community is to collect deposits on certain criteria and give it to those in need with a certain interest. Our aim is to find the bank that makes the cheapest loan calculation among them.

Loan installment calculations usually take place in some months. Banks charge funds and taxes apart from interest when calculating loan installments. Apart from the loan installment calculation (BSMV) and (KKDF), monthly payment amounts appear.

Resource utilization is a support fund.


Since there are so many banks in our country, it is not that easy to find a bank that performs the cheapest loan calculation and cuts the fees such as minimum file expense. However, we have collected the loan interest rates of 15 banks that made the cheapest loan calculations for you on a single page.

Credit Interest Calculation Rates 2019 Year?

The loan we withdraw from the banks is recalculated by applying interest to the principal remaining from each payment month. The remaining principal amount and the interest rate applied by the bank are multiplied and the BITT, RUSF taxes, and funds mentioned above are added.

Since the principal amount decreases and the interest rate decreases after the payment made every month in the loan interest rate calculation method, the installments we may start to decrease.

Below is the loan calculation chart. You can calculate the amount of credit in your mind without going to the bank by using the loan calculation table ?

When calculating loan interest rates, we can compare them in three ways. The first is the loan calculation without entering the interest rate. The second is the loan calculation by entering the rate. Thirdly, calculation by monthly installment.

Below are the bank loan interest rates for 23 banks with a maturity of 36 months to 10,000 thousand USD. Bank loan interest rates may change according to our credit rating?

How to Calculate Vehicle and Vehicle Loans?


There are tools for banks’ loan tools or loan calculation sites to calculate used car loan or calculate that car loan. We can benefit from them for free.

Thanks to these free credit tools used, they can get detailed information about the loan we will take without going to the bank, such as monthly payment installments, down payments and interest rates. Second-hand car loan calculations can be done by benefiting from the loan calculation tool on our site.

Generally, vehicle loan term (1 month or 48 months) is calculated with maturity in all banks. Some exception banks (36 months) calculate with maturity. Another name for money withdrawn by calculating zero and a second hand car loan is a personal loan. Interest rates vary among them.

Things to know before doing that car loan calculation or second-hand car loan calculation.

  • To get this car loan, we must be over 18 years old.
  • In order to use car loans, we need to document income.
  • Life insurance is compulsory when taking a car loan. Some banks require motor insurance, as well as life insurance.
  • Mortgages are put into the cars you bought and banks are seized if the debt is not paid.

The documents required for calculating and applying for a second-hand car loan or zero (O) car loan are as follows.

  • First of all, the application form.
  • The personal identity card can be a passport or driver’s license.
  • Document showing the place of residence of the person.
  • Income documents that the person enters into his household. (Payroll)

Zero (o) car loan and second-hand car loan interest rates are given in the table below with interest rates of 30.000 thousand USD 36 months maturity for October. Interest rates may vary depending on our credit rating. 

What is Structuring of vehicle loans

The configuration of the vehicle loan is made by recalculating the remaining debt at the interest rate in the vehicle loan at the bank where you use the loan and recalculating over the new interest rate. You can find detailed information about structuring in vehicle loans in the rest of our article.

What is Vehicle Loan Structuring?

What is Vehicle Loan Structuring?

The vehicle loan structuring process may provide more favorable interest rates or decrease the installment rates while extending the maturity. However, what needs to be known and paid attention at this point is that the current interest rates offered by the bank are different from the structuring interest rates. Answers to questions such as car loan structuring, what are the advantages, what are the conditions actually change according to the offers offered by banks.

What are the Advantages of Structuring in Vehicle Loans?

What are the Advantages of Structuring in Vehicle Loans?

Car loan structuring is requested by the loan owner due to the change in interest rates. In addition, due to difficulties in repayments or a decrease in income, it can be requested by the loan owner or offered by the bank when the payments are delayed. The advantages offered by credit structuring are as follows;

  • It helps to reduce the remaining debt amount. It is possible to reduce the total interest amount of the loan by making use of a lower interest rate than when you withdraw the loan.
  • Reorganization of the reimbursement plan enables lower installments to be created. Thus, payments can be made more easily.
  • Credit ratings are not affected negatively. Structuring and regular payment of the debt positively affects the credit rating.
  • By structuring the debt, you can eliminate the negative effects that will occur in your bank record when you are unable to pay back.

How to Apply for a Configuration for Vehicle Loan?

How to Apply for a Configuration for Vehicle Loan?

The application for restructuring in vehicle loans can be made with a petition submitted to the branch of the relevant bank. You can request a configuration for your vehicle loan by going to the branch of the bank where you get vehicle loan. The relevant customer representative will provide you with offers on interest rates and a repayment plan that can be reshaped. You can configure your loan with the proposal that suits you. In some cases, due to the delay in your payments, the bank can offer you a configuration. These offers are usually made through telephone banking.

Points to Consider in Car Loan Structuring Procedures?

Structuring can be done in order to benefit from low interest rates in vehicle or housing loans. However, in this transaction, profit and loss calculations should be done well. While the decrease in interest rates in credit structuring provides profit, the prolongation of the maturity period may also constitute a disadvantage. For this reason, calculations must be done carefully.

Since you have delayed your repayments, you will configure your vehicle loan, it is useful to examine the offer offered to you by the bank. Since you are in a difficult situation, it may be harmful for you to accept the offer without examining it. You can evaluate the offers made to you and make an agreement with the bank in the parts that are in your interest.

What are the consumer loan costs and How much?

When it comes to consumer loan expenses, some types of expenses will come to mind. While the loans are taken, a contract is signed between you and the bank. This contract also includes items to be spent on credit.

These items show the expenses you will make in the loan. The consumer loan aims to meet the cash needs of consumers in many areas from vehicle to marriage.

The low cost and easy-to-use credit have extended the use of general-purpose loans. Moreover, the length of the maturity ratios determined according to the loan you get in this loan may increase your payment opportunity.

Costs in Consumer Loan?


Housing loan expenses differed in 2019 and other years according to consumer loans. The reason for this is that housing loan has a much more difficult and sophisticated process.

However, a general-purpose loan comes with many facilities both in terms of process and payment. Costs in consumer loans are much more affordable than other types of loans. You can easily see that it requires much less expense, especially compared to housing and vehicles.

However, the disadvantage here is that the bank takes the consumer loan expenses from the loan amount with an automatic deduction. Therefore, you cannot get the loan amount you want.

What Costs are Collected in Consumer Loan?

When it comes to consumer loan costs, it is possible to officially mention 2 cost titles. These titles are:

  1. Credit allocation fee
  2. Insurance costs

As you will come across. Regardless of which bank you borrowed from, what 2 terms are likely to come across you. Moreover, unlike other loan types, these types of expenses will automatically decrease from the loan amount you will be given. This will prevent you from drawing your money exactly the way you want.

What is the Credit Allocation Fee?


The question of what is the loan allocation fee, which is similar to the question of what is the file cost, appears, especially in general-purpose loans. As with other loans, it is possible to collect a certain fee from this loan type in accordance with the BRSA regulation. Although the amount allocated is 0.5 percent in general, it is possible to change. Some banks offer general purpose loans without loan allocation fees, but it is noteworthy that the interest rate is higher in these loans.

Insurance Costs in Consumer Loans:

When it comes to questioning the loan file expense, another expense that comes to mind is insurance expenses. Insurance is mandatory for some types of credit.

Although there is no such requirement in consumer loans, some banks may request insurance as per their agreements. In such cases, insurance costs will arise.

Especially in cases such as death, this insurance, which includes banks’ guaranteeing debt, may vary according to the characteristics of the customer.

Loan Costs and Personal Loan:


Many issues ranging from housing loan insurance fees to consumer loan allocation fees are included in loan expenses of loan types. The interest and payment plan determined in each loan type are different.

However, in general, the general-purpose loan is determined according to the total cost rates. While calculating the total cost ratio, it is possible to mention the following 3 terms:

  1. Taxes
  2. Interest rate
  3. Credit allocation fee

These 3 terms play an important role in determining loan costs. The main consideration is the total cost while also calculating the credit insurance costs and also considering all the other costs.

Although the loan offered to you includes favorable interest and long terms, the cost rates included in it may change your mind. In this respect, it will be important to look at the total cost ratio when choosing the most suitable consumer loan.

Education Loan to Student?


Education loan , also known as student loan, provides great convenience to both the student and those who bear the expenses of the student. People who use this loan have a great advantage especially in meeting their expenses during their education life. Almost every bank includes education loans within the scope of general purpose loans. The reason for this is to create an alternative to government supported education loans and to offer this alternative to the person in the most appropriate way. Also known as student loan or education loan, this loan is given by many banks today.

What is Education Loan?

What is Education Loan?

Banks that give loans to the student generally give this credit type as education loan or student loan. This type of loan is given under the name of consumer loans in almost every bank and the consumer loan is included in the consumer or consumer grouping. It is possible to reach education loan by choosing these options. Thanks to this loan, the student can cover both the tuition fee for the school and other expenses.

Requirements of Education Loan

Requirements of Education Loan

The question of what is education loan is usually examined under general loan. You may not find a special title in this type of loan. Generally, consumer loans nowadays find changes in the face of customers’ demands. Now, regardless of the title, everything that is named under the name of need is credited. Education is one of them. In addition, it is imperative for the person to undertake research before he / she can carry out the cash support he / she will receive under the name of education loan with the most favorable interest conditions and the most appropriate payment plan.

How to Get Education Loan?

How to Get Education Loan?

Education loan, also known as student consumer loan, is a type of loan that is given in order to meet the expenses of the education life in cash. Unlike other loans, it is possible to see more flexible payment conditions and favorable interests. The number of banks giving education loans is increasing day by day. While some banks prefer to open a special title under the name of education loan, some banks continue to provide education loans under the name of general purpose loan. Interest-free.

How to Get Agricultural Loan?


You can get detailed information about fixed interest and flexible payment conditions from bank branches.

Agricultural support given to meet different needs of agricultural workers. After you select the most appropriate agricultural loans from can make your application from the nearest bank branch.

  • Agricultural activities
  • Have coverage
  • Producing agricultural products or services

People can do it. Anyone with a farmer certificate can easily benefit from agricultural equipment and other agricultural loans. Application conditions and required documents may differ depending on the type of agricultural loan and the amount requested.

Agricultural Loan Interest Rates?

Agricultural Loan Interest Rates?

Agriculture lending interest rate varies depending on the loan amount and types of loans. Usually it has a fixed or lower interest rates on agricultural loans to farmers in the framework of the agricultural support policies.

  • Vehicles with a sales value of up to 25 thousand dollars
  • Payment schedule according to the harvest date
  • From low interest options

Operators. Combine harvester, tractor etc. Quite low interest rates apply for equipment other than large agricultural vehicles. While determining the payment terms of these loans, the earnings status of farmers are also taken into consideration.

Agricultural Loan Calculator?

Agricultural Loan Calculator?

Agricultural production and equipment needs for the solution of the loans you can benefit from agriculture and animal husbandry. Different service and application conditions are offered to farmers according to the usage area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural loan. Agriculture loan payments and interest rates are still calculating the status of farmers to credit and withdraw features are effective. farmer loans also include grants and fixed interest support loans;

  • Young farmer loan – up to 30 thousand USD grant,
  • Three times the amount of support credit
  • 10% interest rate

It is presented. With the young farmer loan, it is aimed for young people to participate in agricultural activities. Young farmers who want to increase their knowledge and skills about agricultural production activities can benefit from this loan and grant support. To benefit from the young farmer loan, an application must be made.

What are the Required Documents and Conditions?

What are the Required Documents and Conditions?

The first condition required for the application of agricultural loans to the bank; is actively engaged in agricultural activities or proving that it will deal with it. Many different types of agricultural loans can be selected according to the farmers’ fields of activity.

  • Birth certificate
  • Balance sheet and income statement for the last years
  • Farmer’s certificate or equivalent
  • Documents promoting agricultural activity (taboo registration, rental agreement, etc.)
  • Credit guarantee documents

It is sufficient to apply for agricultural loans. Different documents from you by the agricultural credit bank officials during the application can be requested. If they want to purchase agricultural land situated in the demand for loans under this credit who want, also can use the loans to buy adjacent land, regardless of whether the shareholding.

What are the Requirements for Taking Mortgage Loan?

Having mortgaged consumer loans has become quite easy today. The most important reason for this is that people apply to banks related to most financial problems they face in daily life. This intense demand for the bank made it possible to provide faster cash support services to the user, such as consumer loans. Therefore, every type of consumer loan can be consumed quickly for citizens. In order to benefit from the mortgage loan service provided by many banks, you must learn some conditions and comply with them.

What are the Advantages of Mortgage Requirement Loans?

What are the Advantages of Mortgage Requirement Loans?

Mortgage loan has different features than consumer loan. Mortgage loan is basically the general name of consumer loans in return for a guarantee provided by the customer. The guarantee shown to have this loan can be of different types. The biggest difference of the mortgage loan than the normal loan is the loan amount. With the general purpose loan, customers only receive a low amount of loan, while a mortgage loan with a large amount of loan. Although this comparison can be made in general terms, the mortgage loan calculation can be made and the net mortgage loan amount that customers can receive can be determined. Citizens who want to make this calculation should definitely contact the bank to which they are a customer.

In order to have a mortgage loan from the bank to which it is a customer, customers must first learn the conditions that this bank has requested for the mortgage loan. Then, with the help of the experts working in this bank, he must confirm what he wants to show as collateral. As a result of the application he will make later, he may have a mortgage loan in a short time.

What are the Requirements for Owning a Home Mortgage Requirement Loan?

What are the Requirements for Owning a Home Mortgage Requirement Loan?

Owning a home mortgage loan is a bit more troublesome than having a normal loan. Banks are looking for more conditions than other types of loans to provide customers with home mortgage loan. Knowing and fulfilling these conditions is necessary to have a home mortgage loan. These conditions are:

  • In order to get a home mortgage loan , the house you will use as collateral should be used as a residence in the land registry. The areas used as workplace, warehouse, garage cannot be used for home mortgage loan.
  • The maturity period granted for home mortgage consumer loans is 48 months at most. However, if the reason for using the house, which is shown as a guarantee, is education or home renovation, this period can be extended to 120 months legally.
  • The house whose guarantee is given for the home mortgage loan must be in the name of the applicant.
  • If your loan application is successful, the experts sent by the bank to which you are a customer determine the value of your home. Later, 50% to 80% of this value is given credit.
  • During the home mortgage loan, 5% of the amount received is taken by the bank as a transaction expense.
  • The loan amount you will receive under the home mortgage loan may be more than the loan you will receive under the housing loan. For this reason, it is generally preferred by citizens who need large amounts of support.

How to Get a Car Mortgage Personal Loan?

How to Get a Car Mortgage Personal Loan?

Having a mortgage with a car is not frequently preferred among mortgage loans. In this type of loan, you can have a loan determined by the bank by showing your zero or second hand vehicles as collateral. The vehicle mortgage loan can also be used for the purchase of zero or second-hand vehicles. Citizens who want to obtain a vehicle mortgage loan cannot get as much support as home mortgage loan as a result of this transaction.

The amount of car mortgage loan that each bank offers to its customers differs. In addition, the value of the vehicle you show as a collateral for having a loan is also very effective on the loan amount you will receive. All these parameters are evaluated and an optimum loan amount is determined.

Housing Loan Correct Payment Plan

The question of how to create a payment plan in housing loans has become one of the issues that many people are curious about. The reason for this is that the issue that the people who take the loan should pay attention to is the payment plan and the housing loan annual payment plan.

In mortgage loans or all other loans, making the right payment plan will guide you to pay in the easiest way. Particular attention should be paid to housing loans. The reason for this is that the mortgage loan will be paid with much longer maturities and includes much higher limit loans. In order to create the right payment plan in housing loans, it is necessary to plan interest, maturity and other issues well.

What is the Right Payment Plan?

house loan

Creating a payment plan will be our most important basis for getting credit and repayment. If the borrowers prepare a payment plan correctly, they can make their payments much more easily. However, it should be well understood what the correct payment plan is.

The correct payment plan is to analyze the income and expense of the person well and to produce the most suitable loan plan as a result. Interest, maturity and cost will be the most important concepts in preparing the right payment plan. If these 3 items are set correctly, it will be as easy as getting the credit.

What are the things to consider when getting a mortgage loan?

What are the things to consider when getting a mortgage loan?

Creating an example of monthly payment plan will be valid for almost every loan, especially housing loan. In the process of receiving and approving your loan, you have to determine it during the repayment process.

Although banks especially demand this situation, it is one of the most important steps that enables customers to see the future. Things to consider when buying a home loan can be listed as follows:

  1. Interest rates
  2. Term time
  3. Cost rates
  4. Additional fees
  5. Your income status
  6. The condition and physical properties of the house

All these items will be the most important steps towards getting a home loan.

How to Create a Credit Payment Plan?

When calculating the loan payment plan, you need to take advantage of the loan creation techniques you need to know. There are steps you need to follow when creating your credit payment. These steps will surely go the same way, regardless of which bank you take out from. First of all, you need to determine the loan amount you want to receive.

You have to pay a certain amount of cash in housing loans and you should discuss with your bank how much this cash should be. Then a maturity period is determined in accordance with the loan amount you want. The maturity of the housing loan reaches a maximum of 360 months. An interest rate is determined in accordance with your payment schedule. Then the biggest draft of your payment plan is created. This is how the payment table is created.

What are the Types of Credit Refunds?

The question of when the mortgage loan starts may differ in each reimbursement plan. For this reason, it would make sense to know how the repayment schedule you set works. While making a reimbursement plan, you can choose from smart determination systems especially according to your income and expense status. In general, loan repayments are listed as follows:

  1. Interim payment plan
  2. Variable interest payment plan
  3. Flexible payment schedule
  4. Fixed installment payment plan
  5. Increasing installment payment plan
  6. Reduced installment payment plan
  7. Payment plan with installment delay
  8. Balloon payment schedule

Determining Home Loan Installments According To Monthly Earnings:

Determining Home Loan Installments According To Monthly Earnings:

One of the most important steps in determining the payment plan of the mortgage loan is to create a repayment based on monthly earnings and when mortgage loan payments begin. Although many people take out loans easily, they are unable to return the loans. The reason for this is that people who apply for loans cannot make the payment plan of their loans correctly.

Some strategic mistakes are made in repayment plans of loans, sometimes in installment amounts and sometimes in terms of determining the maturity period. The main building block of these errors is that loans are not determined according to monthly earnings.

Although banks also take measures on this issue, customers often cannot predict the most appropriate plan for them. As a result, many people are unable to pay their debt and legal proceedings are initiated with the bank. The most correct way to prevent this situation is to determine the installment amounts according to the earnings.

What To Do In The Payment Plan:

What To Do In The Payment Plan:

After answering the question What is a payment plan, what should be done and what should not be done in the payment plan, change of housing loan payment plan should be examined. In housing loans and other loans, it is the event payment plan that forms the basis of a loan system.

A well-prepared payment plan can save you a lot of burdens, while a poorly thought out payment plan may cause you to avoid paying the loan. Here are some things that must be done to avoid such situations. In addition, there are situations that you should not do in the payment plan. When these stages are taken into consideration, a much more convenient payment process can be realized.

Herpes installment fees come first among the things that should not be done in the payment plan. In installments, you should definitely make it according to income and expense status. In addition, keeping your maturity period too short or too long may cause problems in your payment plan.

Personal Options in Housing Loan Payment Plan:

Personal Options in Housing Loan Payment Plan:

People who want to use mortgage loan should look at the banks and the services they offer before they decide to get a loan. However, although fixed fees and interest rates are encountered on websites and telephone branches, banks can offer personalized options in one-on-one meetings. The most important assurance required by banks in mortgage loans and other types of loans is the credit rating. If your credit rating is higher than expected and you are not in the risk group, banks can flex the interest rates and terms that are normally offered.

However, in order to benefit from these privileges, it is important to talk to the bank official and to detail your payment plan. At this stage, you can examine the payment table examples or other alternatives.

The important point here is that the banks believe that you will pay the loan. While creating this persuasion, payment options that can become easier for you can be evaluated. This will be a positive step for both bank officials and you customers. There are tables where you can reach all these calculation decisions and payment plans as an example. You can request these tables from the bank official to set a precedent for yourself, or you can create your own by determining the interest and maturity rates.